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Sasso Canale
Created On: Nov 9, 2016
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Sasso Canale and Sasso CampedelloSasso Canale and Sasso Campedello

The area around Lago di Como and Valchiavennais famous for its elevation differences. While the valley floors and lake shores measure little more than 200m the first mountains, about 3km to the sides of the valleys measure already around 2000m, making them all fantastic lookout-peaks with jaw-dropping views. To the north of Lago di Como, west of the smaller Lago di Mezzola one of these mountain ridges starts, with its first culmination point Monte Berlinghera (1930m), then heading onwards to Sasso Canale (2411m), Sasso Campedello (2310m)), Pizzo Anna Marie (2397m), Motto Rotondo (2452m) and Pizzo Cavreggasco (2535m).
Sasso Canale and Sasso Campedello
Sasso Canale
Sasso Canale

Of these, Sasso Canale and Sasso Campedello are the most prominent, as the tower above Valchiavenna and are visible from anywhere on the valley floor. The huge elevation difference requires a trailhead halfway up the mountain, which can be found at San Bartolomeo, a hamlet high above Lago di Como. The first part of the route is actually quite popular as it also serves Monte Berlighera the sentinel mountain at the end of the ridge.
Sasso Canale (2411m), Pizzo Anna Maria (2397m), Pizzo Ledù (2503m)
Sasso Canale south face
Sasso Canale

Sasso Canale is a flat topped mountain with a broad summit plateau, which drops of steeply towards Valchiavenna. The far side, which is far less steep, however, is hard to reach so that the normal route cuts right through the vertical south face to climb a brittle gully towards a saddle on the summit ridge.
La Corvegia
Sasso Canale and Sasso Campedello
Sasso Campedello

Much of the lower sections of the route to Sasso Canale runs along the south-east ridge directly, offering wonderful views across and down the valley. During our visit, however, a strong storm blasted the area so that we were forced to stay beneath the lee side of the ridge and even had to abandon the final summit push for the last 150m. Instead we opted for Monte Berlinghera upon returning.


180° panorama from our highpoint 150m beneath Sasso Canale

Getting There

La Corvegia (2282m), Sasso Canale (2411m), Sasso Campedello (2310m)La Corvegia (2282m), Sasso Canale (2411m), Sasso Campedello (2310m)

The closest trailhead for Monte Berlinghera and Sasso Canale is at the little mountain hamlet San Bartolomeo hogh above Lago di Como.

  • From the south (Milano) Two options:
      • Take motorway A9 north to Como
      • Switch to SS340 to Menaggio
      • Head straight on northwards alon SS340dir to Gera
      • Leave onto a side road to and through Bugiallo until you reach the end of the road at the chapel San Bartolomeo
      • Take SS36 north to the end of Lago di Como
      • At Pontaccio leave onto SS340dir north-west to Poncetta, Sorico and Gera
      • Take the same mountain road through Bugiallo to San Bartolomeo
  • From the north (Splügen, Switzerland)
    • Take motorway A13 to Splügen
    • Leave the motorway at Splügen for Splügenpass
    • At the border the road switches to SS36, which you follow through Chiavenna
    • At Nuova Olonio leave to the south-west in direction Poncetta
    • Take SS340dir to Gera
    • Take the mountain road through Bugallio to San Bartolomeo
  • From the east (St Moritz, Maloja, Switzerland)
    • Take B27 / B3 across Malojapass into Bergell / Val Bregaglia
    • At the border it turns into SS37 to Chiavenna
    • Switch to SS36 south to Nuova Olonio
    • Leave SS36 to the south-west in direction Poncetta
    • Take SS340dir to Gera
    • Take the mountain road through Bugallio to San Bartolomeo


Sasso CanaleSasso Canale seen from Monte Lago

From San Bartolomeo (1204m) a narrow hiking trail leads through dense forest northwards cutting short a large bend in a dirt road, which heads for the twin alp hamlets, Alpe Pescedo and Alpe di Mezzo. Hike through Alpe di Mezzo and up a broad valley, which leads to the Sasso Canale south-east ridge.

Follow the ridge on the southern side until you reach a saddle at approximately 2200m. Here the path switches to the north-east side of the ridge heading for the south face of the summit block directly. A bit of scrambling takes you to a saddle in the middle of the summit ridge from where you easily reach the summit plateau of Sasso Canale

Red Tape

There's no red tape here. On the lower stretches of the route you pass among private property (fences) so stay on the path.

When to Climb

Best climbed in summer and autumn. Up to 2200m the route is safe for snowshoeing or tour skiing in winter. The Sasso Canale south face, however is dangerous during avalanche season.


There's lots of accomodation options around Lago di Como, including hotels, apartments, agriturismo and campgrounds. There are numerous sites in at least three different languages. A good starting point should be

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