Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.55508°N / 10.88776°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6319 ft / 1926 m
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The Scheinberspitze or "Scheinberg" like the locals call that mountain, is a very popular peak, especially in the winter month. It is not uncommon that on sunny winter days hundreds of backcountry skiiers are choosing this one as a goal for a nice skiing trip. One of the reasons for it's popularity is the easy access to the mountain from the Linderhof trailhead, and the relative low avalanche danger. The main slopes for skiing are north-east facing and the tree line ist only 100 m below the summit. The tall trees are reasonable spaced for excellent tree skiing. The east bowl is closed to skiing for a number of years now. An other winter access route is the south ridge, but due to it's steepness and young growing forest not very attractive any more.

In the summer month the Scheinberg is a heritage of a "summer ranch". Farmers keep the young cattle all summer on the meadows around the mountain. Several hiking trails are leading to the summit or are traversing the mountain.

The Scheinbergspitze is not a spectacular rock formation but a very important mountain for hikers and nature lovers. Due to it's easy access the mountain is a ideal hiking goal for families with children as well. Enjoy beautiful wildflowers and the endless ringing of cow-bells.

ScheinbergspitzeAm I pretty?

Getting There & Trailheads

(1) Most common access to the Scheinberg is from Oberammergau and the Plansee Road. Drive about 7 km to Linderhof. 1 km past the old Border Patrol Station there is a huge parking lot on the right hand side. That's where the trailhead is.

(2) If you prefer to hike the mountain from the south side, keep on driving for an other 2 km towards the border line with Austria. About 1 km before reaching the road bridge, a forest roads forks of to the right (north). There is plenty of space to park the car. The trailhead is about 500 m up the forest road.

(3) Access from the Kenzenhuette to the north is also possible but much longer and requires a descent from the Loesertaljoch first before reaching the Scheinberg peak.

Hiking Trails (from Plansee Road)

(1) Let's start with the most popular one. Start at the trailhead #(1) just past Linderhof. Follow the forest road into the Saegertal for about 3 km. The road follows the river upstream, is flat for most of it's length and gains elevation at the very end. After hiking the 2 hairpin turns watch out for a small sign to your left. Turn onto the marked hiking trail which runs now south under a tall canopy of fir trees into a deep and shady canyon. About 30 min past the fork the trees are lightening up and the trail reaches the meadows streching down the north slopes of the Scheinberg. The trail winds up the grassy slopes and changes into gravel and scree until you reach the summit.

(2) A variant to #(1) is the trail though the valley of "Kaltwassertal" (Cold Water Valley). Hike accross the wooden bridge just past the parking lot and after a couple hundred meters take the left fork of the forest road. Follow this road for about 1.5 km to a bridge crossing over a stream. Just after the bridge a hiking trail goes of the right (sign). The trail runs parallel to the stream, about 30 min up the trail a spur to the right leads to the Kaltwasser Hut (private hut). Continue for an other 30 min and the trail will merge with the above described trail in the meadows below the Scheinberg summit.

(3) The trailhead for the south shoulder is close to the borderline to Austria. See #(2) above under the Trailhead section. Follow the forest road for about 10 min until the road wind into a wide left turn. Watch out for the trail sign to the right. The trail zig-zags very steep for at least one hour on the crest of the shoulder. When reaching the tree line the trail becomes straight again and follows the south ridge. The tree-less ridge offers incredible views into the Ammergau Alps. Kreuzspitze and Geierkoepfe are massive rock formations to the south.

Loops - for some of the loops you need transportation back to the trailhead. Either a shuttle car does the trick or you hide a bicycle on the place you come down from the mountain. If you plan on using a bicycle I recommend riding back on the Plansee Road east bound. The road slopes down slightly in east-west direction and the ride will be a blast without too much effort. A ride back to the trailhead in Linderhof from the Hotel Ammerwald is only 30 minutes.

A few combinations of trails:

Hike into the Saegertal as described under #(1). Either you bag the Scheiberg peak or you continue on the trail to the Loesertaljoch (north-west of Scheiberg). The Scheiberg remains to your left (south). From the Loesertaljoch traverse without gaining much elevation to the Weitalpjoch (good trail and sign). From here descent between Hochplatte and Weitalpspitz on a very steep trail with lot's of switchbacks to the Ammerwald Alm (restaurant) and Plansee Road. This loop is a good dayhike.

The combination of the trails #(1) through the Saegertal to the peak of Scheinberg and descending on trail #(3) on the south shoulder is a nice one as well. The ride back with a bicycle to the trailhead in Linderhof is very short.

Longer and strenuous loops:

If you prefer unmarked trails and like to spice up the hike with a bit of high alpine character, a nice traverse between Baeckenalmsattel and the summit of Scheinberg might be on your agenda. -- Start with the hike into the Saegertal. Towards the end of the forest service road continue the hike into the Upper Saegertal. You will pass by the ruins of an abandoned summer farm, the Baeckenalm. The trail continues west into the Baekenalm saddle. On the saddle the trail forks to the left (south) and climbs to a ridge near the summit of the Hasentalkopf (sign). A huge bowl which looks almost like a perfect circle forms the southern slopes of the Hasentalkopf. The trail descents from here into the Loesertaljoch and climbs on the other side towards the peak of the Scheinberg. Just follow the ridge (no marked trail from here) until you reach the Summit.

Backcountry Skiing

(1) Ascent through Saegertal; same as summer trail #(1)
Descent a)same as ascent; b)through Kaltwassertal (Cold Water Valley)- summer trail #(2)

(2) South shoulder; same as summer trail #(3)

IMPORTANT - the steep and deep east bowl is closed for skiing for a number of years now. The forest service is patrolling the area frequently and violators are being held responsible. (High fines)

The east bowl was once a legendary ski touring challenge with steep and difficult slopes in the upper part.

Red Tape

The east bowl is closed for visitor in the summer and in winter. The forest service is patrolling the area.

After large amounts of snow precipitation the Plansee road is closed temporarily due to high avalanche danger. In case of a closure the trailhead parking lot is accessible, the road lock is right past the parking lot.

Where To Stay

There is a privately owned and operated campground at the Plansee Plansee (Very crowded in the holiday season)

If you travel with an RV just pick one of the nice spots along the Plansee Road in the riverbed just don't stay too long.

Closest Bed and Breakfast accomodations are in Graswang, closest Hotel is Hotel Ammerwald and Hotel Forelle between trailhead and Plansee (Lake Plansee)

Mountain Conditions & Emergency Contacts

Mountain Rescue: Bergwacht Oberammergau (GER)

Mountain Rescue: Bergwacht Reutte (AUT), Phone: +43 664 6149800

Mountain weather/bavarian alps

Guide Books & Maps

Bergverlag Rother - Ammergauer Alpen, Hiking and Climbing guide book (sold out!)

Bergverlag Rother - Allgäuer Alpen und Ammergauer Alpen

Topo Map "Werdenfelser Land", published by Bayerisches Landesverrmessunsamt Muenchen, Sheet# L8530 and L8532