SE Ridge (based on the combination)

SE Ridge (based on the combination)

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 39.01400°N / 107.099°W
Route Type: Hiking
Season: Summer, Fall
Time Required: Most of a day
Difficulty: Class 2+ but steep and exposed enough to make a Class 3
Rock Difficulty: Class 3
Grade: III


This version of the route is based off of the Treasure Mountain Group Combination. It explains the traverse from Cinnamon Mountain B. It would be OK if you want to just summit this mountain, just make sure you follow JonBradford's explanation on the Yule Pass approach onto the SE Ridge route.

First off, I would like to thank Jon Bradford for the exceptional page on Treasury Mountain. As explained above, please follow the route description on the main page if you would like to just summit this one.
Coming from Cinnamon Mountain B, you can see the ridge going up to the summit of Treasury Mountain and it does not look to hard. It is not hard at all, the traverse is very fun and enjoyable, but requires some very easy Class 3 scrambling to the top of Treasury. This traverse gives you a fantastic veiw of the Raggeds Wilderness along with Paradise Basin, Yule Pass, and some of the Ruby Range. I would consider this one to be the first major summit of your trip starting from Emerald Lake.
Cinnamon Mountain B with TreasuryUsing this image, visualize your traverse from Cinnamon Mountain B (right)to Treasury Mountain (left)

Getting There

If you are doing the combination, you should of gotten to this point by traversing over from Mount Baldy to Cinnamon Mountain B.

(However, if you are not doing the traverse and just doing this individual summit, here is some info on getting there.

From Buena Vista, make a left onto US 285. From there make a right onto US 50 up and over Monarch Pass and continue onto Gunnison. From Gunnison go North onto US 135 to Crested Butte. From here, go up the road and make a left of Slate River Road. This road is suitable for passenger cars. Go all the way to the end of the road where you will find the cut-off for Paradise Divide. You will need a 4WD vehicle from this point. If you do not have one, you can hike up the road which is not very far. Once you are at the top of Paradise Divide, you will see a sign marking it and it's elevation. From here, continue towards the Yule Pass Trailhead.)

Route Description

Visual of the routeVisual of the route
So from the summit of Cinnamon Mountain B, carefully descend down very loose rock. If you stay to your right, you will find the terrain is a bit more stable. It should not take your more than 25 minutes to descend down to the saddle. Once your at the saddle, the the trail to Yule Pass is below you. But head up along the ridge to Treasury Mountain. The ridge, as explained in the main page, is a scramble for sure, but enjoyable. It should not be to hard to get to the summit. However, 2 false summits exist. In my experience on this route, there were some cairns pointing you around the false summits, but I don't know if the still exist. You will know when you are on the summit. In front of you remains Treasure Mountain. Also to your left is Crystal Peak D witch you will also summit on your way back.

Distance from Cinnamon Mountain B to Treasury Mountain: 2.16 miles

Essential Gear

Basic hiking materials and maybe an Ice Axe in the early seasons when snow exists.

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