Seagull, III, WI 4

I tend to run things out a little, trading safety for speed, which in turn can equate safety....not giving advice each his/her own...
  • Seagull, III, WI 4/ 30m
  • (climbers left) Solo a real short WI 3 step to reach the base of Seagull. The left corner is dryer and offers a better belay position. The climb is best straight up the gut however and was on the easy side of WI 4 if not a WI 3 in March. There is a rappel sling with a ring straight up to a tree, but it can be dry, loose and messy. I advise top roping Seagull for the 2nd.
    Valley of the Birds, North Ghost, Canadian Rockies, March, 2007


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