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Sederer Stuiben
Created On: Mar 5, 2016
Last Edited On: Mar 5, 2016


StuibenView from Stuiben to Sederer Stuiben

Sederer Stuiben is a not very distinct summit immediately southwest of Stuiben summit within the Nagelfluhkette, Allgäu Alps. This summit has a prominence of only 40 m and seems therefor to be more like a sort of sidekick of Stuiben summit. Nevertheless Sederer Stuiben is considered as a summit on its own.

West of Sederer Stuiben is located Buralpkopf and Gündleskopf, separated by a 180 m deep col from Stuiben / Sederer Stuiben.

You will normally hit Sederer Stuiben on a traverse of the Nagelfluh summits. As it is located so close to Stuiben there is not much difference to the features, described on the Stuiben page. So I can be short on this summit.

Getting There

Sederer StuibenSederer Stuiben and, in the background, Stuiben

Trailhead for the northern ascent or for the traverse Mittag – Stuiben: Immenstadt / parking area Mittagbahn cableway.

Trailhead for the south ascent: Gunzesried Amtsäge, parking area

See the Nagelfluhkette area page for general advices how to get to the area.

Immenstadt can be reached on road B 19 coming from the north (Kempten) or on road number B 308, coming from the west / Austria or from the east (Bad Hindelang / Tannheim valley).

Follow Immenstadt center via B 308 and then the signposts for Mittagbahn cableway. There is a free parking area at the valley station.

For Gunzesried trailhead follow B 19 to Sonthofen exit. Follow the signposts for Gunzesried (Illerstraße and road number OA27. Cross the village of Gunzesried and proceed on Talstraße until you reach Gunzesried / Amtssäge.

There is a hiker parking area on the left at the beginning of the village.

Routes Overview

Routes to Sederer Stuiben / Stuiben

NagelfluhketteTraverse route to Sederer Stuiben / Stuiben

North route

Follow the forest road from the Mittagbahn parking area into Steigbach valley to the inn Almagmach, the Mittelbergalpe and Alpe Gund or use the trail directly to Alpe Gund, branching off the forest road before you arrive the inn Almagmach.

Use the trail from Alpe Gund leading to the southwest, navigating round the north side of Stuiben and ascending to the col between Stuiben and Sederer Stuiben. Turn right at the col and ascend shortly to Sederer Stuiben.

Traverse Mittag – Stuiben

Follow the ridge traverse trail from Mittag cablecar mountain station in western direction to Bärenköpfle and Steineberg. There is a short Via ferrata at the summit block of Steineberg (mainly a 20 m high ladder).
Follow the ridge crest to Steinköpfle and descend into the col between Steinköpfle and Stuiben. After a steep ascent there is a level part north of the ridge crest of Stuiben. The summit block of Stuiben requires some scrambling with the help of some fixed steel ropes.

From Stuiben summit descent shortly into the col between Stuiben and Sederer Stuiben. Ascent the few meters to the summit.

South routes

  1. Starting at the parking area of Gunzesried / Säge follow Talstraße road in western direction to one of the last buildings right of the road. A trail branches off there to the right, crosses Aubach creek and ascends to a road and a farm house on the south slopes above Gunzesried / Säge. Cross the road and follow the trail up into woods.

    After about 150 m of altitude difference you arrive at Wiesach farm houses amidst beautifull meadows. Pass by the farm houses and follow the trail ascending the south slope above Wiesach. It zigzags up meadows and rocks, crosses Wiesach creek and ascends steeply to a broad col between Steinköpfle and Stuiben east of the latter summit.

    You are now on the traverse route Mittag – Stuiben. The trail ascends steeply a bump in the ridge and traverses along the north side of the ridge more or less level until the last ascent to Stuiben summit where some rock scrambling along some steel ropes is required. Descend into the col between Stuiben and Sederer Stuiben and ascend the few meters up to the summit of Sederer Stuiben.

  2. NagelfluhketteSouth ascent to Stuiben / Sederer Stuiben

  3. A second south route, which can be combined with the first one to a nice traverse, starts at Gunzesried / Säge parking area. Follow the Autal road in western direction, crossing Autal creek, until you reach the first farm house right of the road.

    Follow a forest road starting at that farm house through woods until you reach a huge clearing. A trail branches off to the right at the clearing, follow this trail up to an old forest road which leads you up to the Gatteralpe. Use the trail up to the col between Buralpkopf and Sederer Stuiben. Turn right at the col and take the ridge traverse trail to Sederer Stuiben.

  4. A more direct south route starts at the above mentioned farm house. Turn right on a forest road after passing by the farm house and ascend to the upper / western end of Wiesach meadows. Turn left on a trail which ascends directly to the col between Sederer Stuiben and Stuiben. Turn left at the col and follow the ridge traverse trail shortly to Sederer Stuiben summit.

Sederer StuibenStuiben as seen from Sederer Stuiben

Ski route

The direct ski route via north slopes is the same as for Stuiben summit.

One of the most fascinating ski tours of Allgäu Alps is the ski traverse starting at Hochgrat and traversing all summits to the east, finnaly ending at Mittag summit. There are many interesting chutes and slopes for downhill fun.

This ski traverse reaches Sedererstuiben summit from the west, ascending the west slopes from Gatteralm. The traverse goes on to Stuiben summit and uses the north shoulder and northeast slopes down to Gundalpe to continue to Steineberg.

Red Tape & Accommodation

Sederer StuibenSederer Stuiben, Rindalphorn and Hochgrat as seen from Stuiben

Red Tape

Sederer Stuiben is part of “Naturpark Nagelfluhkette”.

Naturpark Nagelfluhkette is not exactly a protected National Park.
Nevertheless there are regulations which should be followed and which are indicated at several locations with a variety of restrictions. These are mainly seasonal blocked or regulated access to defined areas. You find these areas on the Alpenverein map, indicated in the "Maps & Guide Books" section below.

These regulations are mainly for the protection of wildlife and wildflowers.
Please respect them, stay on the trails and marked routes or keep out of blocked areas (mainly in winter).


The following towns and villages offer a great variety of accommodation:


Gear & Mountain Condition

Sederer Stuiben is like all Nagelfluh summits a year round outing.

In late spring, summer and autumn it is an easy hiking summit which requires simply normal hiking gear and good shoes. Normally you hit Sederer Stuiben during some traverse of several summits, normally together with Stuiben, the immediate neighour summit. For this one you should be able do some short rock scrambling on the east ridge od Stuiben; this part can be a bit tricky with snow in spring or late autumn (northern traverse).

In winter and spring you need full ski tour and avalanche gear.

Check the Bavarian avalanche bulletin here.

Current Weather:

Maps & Guide Books


Deutscher Alpenverein: Allgäuer Voralpen West, Nagelfluhkette, Hörnergruppe scale 1 : 25.000, number BY 1, 2012, with trails, ski routes and UTM grid
Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Bayern: Lindau - Naturpark Nagelfluhkette; scale 1 : 50.000, number UK50-45, 2012, with trails and UTM grid

Guide Books

Dieter Seibert: Allgäuer Alpen und Ammergauer Alpen, alpin; Bergverlag Rudolf Rother, München, 13th edition, 2013
Dieter Seibert, Heinz Groth: Allgäuer Alpen, Gebietsführer für Wanderer und Bergsteiger; Bergverlag Rudolf Rother, München, 9th edition, 1999 – actually out of stock but available as antiquarian book
Dieter Seibert: Allgäu 3, Oberstaufen und Westallgäu; Rother Wanderführer, München, 6th edition, 2014

Sederer Stuiben

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