Selected 3000ers of Switzerland

Selected 3000ers of Switzerland

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Why would some dutch guys make a list of 3000ers in Switzerland? The are multiple reasons, but let us sum up the main reasons:

1. A list based purely on altitude would not be fair to lower mountains.
2. A list purely based on personal reference is very subjective. For instance, someone who hasn't been to Wallis would not have seen the impressive view of the Bietschhorn. And vica versa, someone who lives beneath the Bietschhorn would probably overrate the importance of the mountain.
3. ..

Our Method

The score is based on:

Isolation (40%) (= the distance to the nearest higher peak)
Google Hits (40%)
Lodewijk's Personal Choice (10%)
Jurgen's Personal Choice (10%)

The peak with the highest amount of google hits gets rank 1 in the list (Piz Medel). The one with the lowest amount of hits 39. Rank 1 gets 39 points, rank 2 gets 38 points.....rank 39 gets 1 point. The same is valid for the other factors...

Isolation and Google hits count both for 40%, Our personal choice both count for 10% which is a total of 100%

We used 39 mountains in the calculations, that is why the points go up to 39. Only the best 20 are shown in the list.

The List

NumberMountainIsolation (40%)Hits on Google (40%)Personal Preference Jurgen (10%)Personal Preference Lodewijk(10%)Grand Total (100%,Points)Photo
1.Dents du Midi94191231.9
Dents du Midi
The upper Rawilseeleni lake and the Wildhorn (3248m)
3.Tödi (Piz Russein)1224729.7
Tödi 3614m
4.Monte Leone2237628.7
Monte Leone from Lago Bianco
5.Piz Medel151242628.6
Piz Medel 3211m
6.Les Diablerets165181728.1
7.Rheinwaldhorn (Adula)22611926.8
Rheinwaldhorn 3402m and Grauhorn 3260m
8.Piz Sesvenna816222325.9
Piz Sesvenna 3204m
9.Pizzo Campo Tencia1012361825.8
Pizzo Campo Tencia 3072m
10.Fluchthorn (Piz Fenga)1412232225.1
Fluchthorn, 3.398m
Eiger north face
12.Pizzo Tambo1110353524.6
Pizzo Tambò
13.Piz Kesch53051024.5
Piz Kesch
14.Piz Platta239121924.1
Over the clouds - Platta Group
Titlis as seen from Ruchstock...
Balmhorn and Altels
View on the Dammastock.
19.Ringelspitz (Piz Barghis)328323720.7
Ringelspitz 3248m
20.Piz Linard434202520.3
Piz Linard