Sendero Pan de Azúcar

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Mérida, Venezuela, South America
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One to two days
class 2 walkup

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Sendero Pan de Azúcar
Created On: Mar 31, 2005
Last Edited On: Mar 31, 2005


This is the standard route. It starts at the normal Culata trailhead (see main description).

The road that leaves from the trailhead soon disappears after the last of the homes/farms/restaurants. At that point and most of the way up the valley there are multiple parallel trails. Choose any of them. Continue up the valley past 2 abandoned homes (potential refugios if you want to use them).

After about 4-5 hours you will appear to be at the head of the valley in an excellent camp area. There will be a sign for Pan de Azúcar and a trail leading up the slope on the left. Camp here or continue up the trail for another 40 minutes to even better camping closer to your objective.

Route Description

From the second, upper camping leave the main trail by turning left. There is a cairn off to the side and faint trails leading up the sandy slope. Continue up this slope and enjoy the improving views of your surroundings.

Eventually all the trails merge and you find yourself on one sandy track along the ridge. At 4400 meters the trail splits. I recommend continuing straight along the ridge directly into the rocks ahead. The right trail is just a walk through sand.

The rocks are not any sort of obstacle and can be walked through without any scrambling. After the rocks the summit is just a short hike away.

Essential Gear

Standard hiking and camping equipment. Possibly a rake to clean your tent spot of horse and cow crap.

Miscellaneous Info

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Sendero Pan de Azúcar

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