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Location Lat/Lon: 61.46397°N / 7.88401°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Mixed
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 7703 ft / 2348 m
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Sentraltind means "central-peak" and the reason is probably because it's situated centrally on a long, rugged and remote ridge called the Styggedals- and Skagastøls-ridge. And that is actually the biggest challenge in reaching the summit. One have to traverse on a long, exposed and sometimes knife-edged ridge to get to the summit of Sentraltind, passing several other peaks on the way. That's the reason why it's often dubbed "the most difficult 2000 meter peak in Norway". Once up on the ridge it's very difficult to escape if weather turns bad (and it frequently do in this part of Norway).

See the route for more information about the climb

SentraltindThe knife-edge ridge towards Sentraltind as seen from Styggedalstind

Getting There

Turtagrø is the normal approach of climbing Sentraltind. Turtagrø hotel has this description on their website:

Turtagrø is situated in Vestre Jotunheimen, in Luster kommune. It is close to Sognefjorden. Communities nearby are Skjolden and Fortun by Sognefjorden, and Øvre Årdal (35 km). Lom is 70 km away. Here is a map.


When Øvre Årdal-Turtagrø is open (normally from the end of may), it is the shortest way by far - 321 km. You go via Fagernes - Tyin - Øvre Årdal.

Oslo-Turtagrø through Otta over Sognefjellet is 430 km.
Oslo-Turtagrø through Valdres over Valdresflya is 396 km.
Oslo-Turtagrø through Sogndal over Hemsedalsfjellet is 400 km.
Oslo-Turtagrø through Fagernes, Tyin, Øvre Årdal og Sogndal is 428 km. The distance is the same if you go straight ahead in Tyinkrysset and go on to Lærdal.


Bergen-Turtagrø through Sogndal is 307 km.
Bergen-Turtagrø through Øvre Årdal is 280 km.


Trondheim-Turtagrø through Otta and Lom over Sognefjellet is 375 km.
Trondheim-Turtagrø through Otta, Stryn and Byrkjelo is 617 km.

Ntki - Nice to know information:
The Rv 55 over Sognefjellet normally opens the 1st of May, but may close due to bad weather.
Øvre Årdal-Turtagrø normally opens end of May.
The ferry to Sogndal (Fodnes-Mannheller) runs every half hour approximately until midnight, and every hour through the night.

Call 177 for timetables for ferries and buses.
Call 175 for information about the roads.

Red Tape

Turtagrø HotelTurtagrø Hotel in front of Skagastølstindane
There is no red-tape except from the toll-road between Øvre Årdal and Turtagrø. The fare is approx 60 NOK one way.

Camping and Hotels

There is plenty of free campsites next to Turtagro Hotel and also along the road from Øvre Årdal to Turtagrø. When the weather is bad, you can find shelter in Turtagrø Hotel which is a nice hotel.

See the webcam at Turtagrø Hotel

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