Serpents Trail

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Serpents Trail
Created On: Jun 5, 2016
Last Edited On: Oct 27, 2017


Serpents Trail is Colorado National Monument’s most popular hiking trail. It follows an abandoned road built in the 1910s going from the eastern entrance of the park to the top of Glade Park Plateau. Due to its many twists and turns, the road was affectionately known as The Crookedest Road in the World. In the 1950s, the safer and less crooked Rim Rock Drive was built as the park’s main road and old road was turned into Serpents Hiking Trail.

The trail is 1.9 miles long. It starts at Devils Kitchen Trailhead and goes up 800 vertical feet to end at one of the switchbacks on Rim Rock Drive just below the surface of Glade Park Plateau. Along the way, the trail will provide you with great views of the city of Grand Junction and the mountains to the north of it. On the day that I did this hike, I ran into many other hikers including a large number of apparently fit senior citizens who were brisk walking to the top without any huffing or puffing.

Getting There

Devils Kitchen Trailhead can be found on the left (east) a short distance after the eastern entrance of the park.

Route Description

Devils Kitchen Trailhead
5030 ft
zero miles
Top of the Trail
5850 ft
1.90 miles

At Devils Kitchen Trailhead, cross the road to its west side and get on the signed Serpents Trail. You will have views of the lowest end of No Thoroughfare Canyon.

Near the lower end of Serpents TrailNo Thoroughfare Canyon

Looking back at the trailhead.

Near lower trailhead

This Nipple-like formation can be seen far above. You will eventually get to look down at it.

Nipple formationNipple Formation
On Serpents Trail

More scenery.

On Serpents Trail
Suburbs of Grand Junction

Rim Rock Drive.

Rim Rock Drive
Rim Rock Drive

Continuing up.

On Serpents Trail

Looking down at the nipple-like formation.

Nipple formation and Grand Mesa

Views from near the top.

Grand Junction from Serpents Trail
Near the top of Serpents Trail
Grand Mesa
Near the top of Serpents Trail

The trail goes over the top of a tunnel on Rim Rock Drive and ends at a tiny parking area large enough for 2 cars.

On top of the tunnelOn top of the tunnel