Short story on a glacier

Short story on a glacier

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Glaciers are alive. They move down and change mountains.

The glacier Lys is created at the Switzerland-Italy border. It is a part of a huge ice massif of Monte Rosa. Its main body is situated between rocky massifs of Lyskamm and Piramide Vincent. There at this highest position where Lys unites with another large galcier Grenz ice is rather stable. Going down into the Gressoney Valley the glacier Lys is divided by rocks of Naso in two large ice tongues, a western Occidentale and eastern Orientale. An additional mass of ice is flowing from the massif Castor-Pollux. In lower position the glacier Lys forms plateau bordered from the west and east by two lateral moraines. There ice is melted there and gives small green lakes, and finally from this area a beautiful river named Lys starts.
A crevasse in the Lys...


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