Shriner Peak Lookout Being Well Taken Care Of

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Shriner Peak Lookout Being Well Taken Care Of
Created On: Aug 18, 2014
Last Edited On: Aug 18, 2014

Brief Summary

Many lookouts in the state of Washington are being put out of commission in recent years. Other lookouts in the region are being vandalized. Luckily the Shriner Peak lookout is on national park land and while I was there they were restoring the roof. I was able to sit on top of Shriner Peak for an hour before work crews had to bring in the shingles via helicopter. Great lookout with nice views of the area. It was a little hazy but a well worthwhile visit.

Pictures of the hike and lookout

The summit of Tahoma through the clouds
Tahoma peaking through the clouds
The inside of Shriner Peak Lookout
The workers on Shriner Peak lookout have made it home for the week

You Mad Bro!!
YOU MAD BRO? I am about my hiking year so far but not on this day
Hiking down the trail
The scenic beauty of the Shriner Peak Trail



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Shriner Peak Lookout Being Well Taken Care Of

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