Six Great Hotspots for Hiking and Kayaking

Six Great Hotspots for Hiking and Kayaking

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Six Great Hotspots for Hiking and Kayaking

My personality as outgoing and quite adventurous. It is therefore not surprising that outdoor activity such as hiking and kayaking appeals to me greatly. I decided to add these two fun activities to my list of outdoor activities to learn and enjoy after recently discovering the thrill of paddle boarding. I am particularly drawn to hiking because it is a great opportunity to have a first-hand experience while exploring trails and bush paths in different cities. Fortunately, many others share my passion for hiking. The government also supports hikers, in some cities, there is some form of organized protection for hikers, and special trials have been provided for people to go hiking in groups of different sizes. Be sure to learn how to stay safe while hiking.

I am also attracted to kayaking because it such a relaxing sport. Asides from the exercise, it feels great to drift along the calm waters and ‘fight’ against mild currents that occur without warning sometimes. With the help of a good instructor, anyone can learn kayaking in a week.

So, I found these amazing spots that are perfect for people like me who enjoy hiking and kayaking. They are the best vacation destinations since these two fun outdoor activities can be enjoyed at the same location.

So, here we go;

Ricketts Glen State Park (Pennsylvania, US)

This is a perfect spot for hiking and kayaking. The park features the breathtaking a view of a waterfall and the calm currents which propel kayaks down the river. The hiking trails were designed to reveal the amazing view of the river and the forest all around while going through. You may spot some squirrels running ahead along the path. A nice place.

Kipu Zipline Safari (Kauai Island)

It is the perfect spot for hiking and kayaking; there is always so much to do here. The instructors organize hiking tours and short kayaking tours to explore the canyons, and hiking trails.

Explore the Appalachian Trail (Killington, Canada)

Visitors are offered multiple options here to enjoy private guided hiking experience, or they can go in groups. The lush green mountains provide more areas to explore while hiking. The lake nearby also provides perfectly calm waters for kayaking.

Experience the Nordic Adventures (Norway)

For a breath-taking kayaking experience maneuvering through the calm waters, this is the best spot. The hilly terrain also provides a wonderful hiking trail that stretches along the lake. The guided tours are well organized, every year; hundreds of tourists visit Norway to enjoy this experience. It’s important you get the right type of Kayak for the water you’ll be on, see Bay Sports to compare.

Cave kayaking in Santa Barbara (California)

Thousands visit Santa Barbara every year to explore the island and caves either hiking or kayaking. The spot is only opened for a few months every year due to the weather, but it is great time many adventurers look forward to experiencing every year.

Crystal Seas Adventures (Grand Turk Island)

Located in San Juan Island, the terrain is quite rocky, but that’s what adventure is all about. The guides ensure that everyone is well prepared and dressed for the trip. The hiking experience leads to higher grounds overlooking the seas where orcas can be spotted in the distance. The calmer beaches provide a smooth kayaking experience for everyone. A great place for family and groups of friends to experience a different type of adventure.

It feels better when there are multiple activities to engage visitors. Spots that offer these options tend to attract more visitors every year. I am happy these places exist because we should never run out of options.


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