ski route Rosso - Sissone

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.31280°N / 9.72430°E
Route Type: alpine ski tour
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: GAS (good alpine skier)


This is probably the best ski tour you can do from Forno hut, combining the most prominent mountain with the one that serves with the best downhill.

Approach to Forno hut

Starting point is the village of Maloja. From Hotel Kulm you have to traverse the smooth meadows to SE until you meet the small road that leads into the Forno valley. After crossing the bridge you can do a short cut of this road. Follow the road to Alp da Cavloc (1907m). Now a little valley in the forest leads to the wide plain of Plan Canin (1968m). To the left a steep valley would lead to Muretta pass (2562m), but you turn right and follow the Forno vally further on until you gain the Forno glacier.

Climb the ice in the middle to the plateau and to the eastern border. The hut can already be seen and has to be climbed via a steep slope above the moraine. 3.5 h from Maloja

Cima di Rosso

The day starts with a downhill to Forno glacier that is ugly when snow is hard in the morning. The more left you are the steeper it is but there you can spare some ascent.

Walk the quite flat Forno glacier upwards, passing the side glacier to Passo di Vazzeda / Cima di Val Bona on the left and pass Cima di Rosso itself, until you can climb the huge glacier slope that leads to Passo Sissone.

Be careful of crevasses especially in the upper part. Using the rope is not a bad idea here. Stay left of the ridge and gain the upper west ridge of Cima di Rosso via a narrow and steep couloir. If you can use skis for the following slope to the final summit ridge depends on the conditions.

Monte Sissone

Of course you can descend the same route. But it would be a pity to waste the elevation you have gained. So after a short downhill you should skin up again and climb 30 min to the foresummit of Monte Sissone (3268m). Leave the skis here and climb the summit of Monte Sissone (3330m) via a firn ridge and some easy rocks.

It is possible to ski downhill directly via the slopes between the fore and main summits of Monte Sissone, down to flat Forno glacier. If you want to stay another night at the hut another half an hour ascent in high noon temperatures awaits you…

Gear / Data

Harness, rope, ice axe and crampons should be with you though it depends on the conditions whether you have to use this equipement. Ski crampons are often necessary in spring

General data:
- Start altitude: 2574 m
- Summit altitude: 3366 m
- Prevailing expositions: W
- Type: ski tour GAS
Effort (ascent), app. 1100 m ascent, 4 h to Cima di Rosso summit
avalanche danger medium in normal spring conditions.
best time March to May

Note: I have done this trip in 1999 so I don't know how recently conditions may have changed.

Miscellaneous Info

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