ski route

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.51334°N / 11.01954°E
Route Type: Skiing
Season: Spring, Winter
Time Required: Half a day


Cloz pastureoverview from Cloz pasture: the route goes from right to left through the background of the picture

This is a quite popular - because rather short - ski route. It provides a fine ascent via free southern and southeastern slopes. Mostly there wil be a track. The final ridge to the summit is steep and a little bit exposed.

Getting There

parking at the southern end of the the tunnel beneath Hofmahdjoch/Passi Castrin on the road between Ulten / Ultimo and Proveis / Proves, app. 1700m

It is also possible to start the trip at the hamlet of Matzlaun / Pergheri (1466m) north of Proveis / Proves, and reach Cloz pasture from there. But the southern slopes there are free of snow early in the year.
Cloz pastureCloz pasture (1732m)

Route Description

Cross the road on the avalanche gallery and follow the gentle snow covered dirt road to Cloz pasture (1734m). Turn right and ascend the broad and gentle southern slope to the upper pasture. Now turn west and ascend beneath the steep SW slopes of Kornigl / Monte Cornicolo. Then a long and in the end rather steep traverse beneath Spitzner Kornigl / Monte Cornicoletto leads to the final slope that leads to the pass east of the summit ((2359m). Leave Ski here and follow the ridge to the summit.

Downhill can be done more directly from the pass before the summit

more pictures

ascent beneath Kornigl
wide views to the south
steep travese
ski depot
summit ridge
summit rest
descent on summit ridge
panorama downhill

Essential Gear

normal ski touring and avalanche equipment

General data

- Start altitude: 1700m
- Summit altitude: 2459m
- Prevailing expositions: S, SE
- Type: ski tour GS
Effort (ascent), 750 m ascent, 2,5 h
avalanche danger moderate
best time December to March