Skiing on Bald Mtn.

The weekend in 1998 after the Mirror Lake Highway outside of Kamas, UT opened, Matt and I drove out quite early to ski Bald. We parked at the top of Bald Mtn Pass and hoofed it straight up the southern slope. Up top there were 3-4 other guys, chillin', waiting for the corn to set.

We chose to ski the obvious coulier/slope on the eastern side facing Mirror Lake. The 1,800 foot slope proved to be quite mushy toward the bottom but it was a good run nonetheless. The other party up top I think made the wrong decision to wait.

We hitched back up to the car, only waiting about 10 minutes for a kind soul.

fyi - after reading MOCKBA's page on the Western Uintas and seeing the concentration on skiing there, I decided to add this pic.


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