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catsaremyfriends - Aug 11, 2019 8:34 am - Hasn't voted

Driving routes

Strongly advise coming in from Yellowjacket and not from the Buford side FS (115) road. The roads are much worse on the southern route. However, FS 250 from the west has also degraded a good amount. A car would find getting to the 4WD turn off extremely difficult. I think you can still get within 2-4 miles of that turnoff without too much trouble. The last 100 yards are especially rotten. Now, all that said, I can attest that an AWD vehicle *can* go all the way over FS 250 from Buford to Yellowjacket, but not without risking serious damage.

Also, be wary of stock guard dogs. We got a good startle from a pair of dogs right at the lower TH.

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