Slide-Cornell-Wittenberg from the west

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New York, United States, North America
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Slide-Cornell-Wittenberg from the west
Created On: Mar 29, 2005
Last Edited On: Aug 29, 2010


VIA SLIDE MTN. TRAILHEAD NEAR WINNISOOK LAKE: From 28 head west make left on state road 47 which is located in the town of Big Indian. Follow the road roughly 8 miles up a valley and past the first trailhead which lead to Giant Ledge. GO around that turn and the Slide Mountain Trailhead (well marked will be on your left roughly a half-mile from Winnisook Lake and Club).

Route Description

View from Slide Mtn....

Slide Mountain via the west
2000 ft. elevation gain
2.75 miles
Class 1

This is the easy route to the top of Slide Mt. Unfortunately it is also the less scenic route to the summit. If you are only interested in summiting this mountain or are only in moderate hiking ability this specific route would be the one that I would take. There are though decent views on the top, but this approach is mostly treecovered.

You want to start on the Denning-Woodland Valley Trail. Take the trail southwest over mostly easy to moderate grade until it turns into a road at 0.4 miles. The trail remains gradual at this point and passes a spring at 0.6 miles. At 0.7 miles it reaches the juction with the Slide Mountain Trailhead and start to the steady climb up. A moderate pitch (15-20 degrees) beings and by just over a mile you have reached the 3500 foot sign. The trail then switchbacks and the grade eases with a view opening up to the north just before the Curtis-Ormabee Trailhead (2.05 miles). there is another view off to the south (2.15 miles) and a very good view that opens up near the summit 2.6 miles. This section of trail is a very gradual hike up. You hit the true summit 2.7 miles up (no view) and at 2.75 mile to stop by the finest overlook of the hike at 2.75 miles where the Burroughs plaque lies just below.

View from Slide Mtn....

Essential Gear

This is a good snowshoe trail in winter after a fresh snowfall in winter. If it hasn't snow in a while I would where crampons just for better traction. No need for an ice axe here unless or planning on taking the eastern route on the way up or down.

In summer bring the usual gear. Remember that the temperature on the summit is at times twenty degrees cooler than the valley floor.

Miscellaneous Info

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Slide-Cornell-Wittenberg from the west

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