Page Type: Trip Report
Lat/Lon: 44.27060°N / 71.3047°W
Date Climbed/Hiked: Apr 6, 2002
For immediate release AP 04/06/2002

Editors note: Gary, Garibaldi, G love and special sauce, G money, and Goggles Pizano are all the same person and will just be referred to as "G"

Huntington Ravine NH, Saturday morning, 25 deg. F., Sunny with low wind and avalanche dangers. Toast and G, after camping under the looming 1000ft ravine, decide to attack Central; A NEI 2 climb. After a long 30 deg (angle) climb up the fan with 55 pound packs on their backs, the group hits the resting rock under pinnacle buttress, a 500+ 5.10 wall. The snow was hardpack and icy, due to the rain the past week followed by 6 deg temps the night before, with soft stuff along the edges of the gully, this was going to be a hard one . After a quick snack and checking of the equipment, the axes come out, with one last look back, we head up the 45 deg lead past pinnacle. Halfway up Toast hears music coming from behind, "Hey hear that music", he calls over to his partner. "What music?", G replies. Toast just writes it off that G has just too much stock in the fleece hat industry. After climbing some more the pitch steepened and Toast has a funny feeling; Did he leave the iron on? no. Did he forget to pack his favorite teddy bear 'Mr. Cuddles'? no. Are his crampons on tight? no..... NO! OH SH*T!! G points this out as Toast's heal bail on his good leg is out. Try thinking of hopping down a 45 deg slope of
ice on a knee that is only 50%... Not a choice. At this moment the radio starts playing that ever popular Paul Simon tune, 'slip sliding away'.. Toast goes tilt, and decides to freeze smack dab in the center of the gully. G, after attempts to reach Toast, finds the reset button by digging a ledge in the soft stuff under Central buttress and beckons him over. After some scary side steps Toast reaches G, who at 45 deg buries his axe, lets it go, and starts to refit the said crampon to the seemingly prophet-able Paul's whimsical melody. "where's that music coming from?", G questions. " It's coming from below", Toast exclaims. "No it's coming from above", G corrects. Toast again writes this off due to the fact that G was actually born with his ears on backwards and had them switched four years prior. After the in-prompt-to, adjustment, they continued to climb haunted by bad, karma and even worse taste in music.....

Events after this seems to be a mystery as the sources just fell asleep. But where was the music coming from? Some say this mountain can be cruel, it also seems it also has a morbid sense of humor. Perhaps that song was written all those years ago for this particular moment. zzzzzzzzz


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