Small section of South...

Small section of South Velebit with Visocica (1619m) from the Nin bay, distance is 25km. Just below Visocica you can see smoke from wild fires that were burning from mid July till end of August. Huge area was caught during that time but fortunately high forest didn't burn (only on some places) but mostly only grass and few meters deep layers of fallen leafs. Just below mid part of the photo you can see group of white cliffs. Below them is Stap where is Stap refuge, recommended place to sleep over and split Visocica ascent in two days because from coast and back you need 12h of walking. From Stap it is 4h in one direction. Highest tower among those cliffs is Stapina (1125m), landmark of that part of Velebit.

Photo: Aleksandar Gospic


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