Snivelling Gully II, WI 3

Starting the 2nd Pitch
2nd Pitch and 3rd Pitch- The 2nd pitch continues to follow the narrow and shallow gully as it bends back left and up to a station over your left shoulder on the wall above. I advise skipping this bolted station and just building a quick ice station at the bottom of the next pitch which is nothing more than ice scrambling up the narrowest part of the gully on mixed rock, ice and water to the upper “majestic” bowl that contains the crux WI 3 pitch which is a full 60 meters and Snivelling Direct, 125m, WI 5 which offers some serious challenge on hanging chandelier columns to the right of the final Snivelling Gully pitch.

Weeping Wall off the Columbia Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park, December 19, 2006


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