Snodgrass Mountain approach

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Location Lat/Lon: 38.95620°N / 107.0107°W
Additional Information Route Type: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: Some steep class 2+ slopes
Additional Information Grade: II
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The Snodgrass Mountain approach is the most well know route of the two known routes (excluding the Washington Gulch approach). This route basically starts you off at the gate just before you make the sharp left turn to go the direction of the town of Gothic. It is marked by the gate that claims that no motorized vehicles are permitted. Also this route, obviously, takes you over Snodgrass Mountain (a ranked CO 11er). So if you are looking for a good day of sightseeing with some climbing on the side, I'd recommend you take this approach. A more adventurous route would start from the town of Gothic and go up the peak's north ridge, which will be posted soon.

Getting There

From Gunnison you could get to Crested Butte by going west for about 50 miles or so. Once at Crested Butte, go towrds the ski town of Mount Crested Butte. As you are leaving the ski town, you can see Snodgrass and Gothic Mountains clearly. There is a gate to the left before you make the sharp left turn into Gothic. This is the start of the route. There is a small parking area that is always full during the summer and fall, so get there early. The main use for this parking lot is mainly for locals to do their daily work outs up Snodgrass, but again, Gothic Mountain is also approached from this way.

Route Description

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So to the summit of Snodgrass, it is a very short hike on a service road-like trail that leads you to the summit of Snodgrass. The zig-zags that exist add more distance so keep that in mind. The summit is all tree's. From what I remember there is an overlook where you could see past the trees. There is also a sign that marks the summit of Snodgrass. If you want to continue to Gothic Mountain, find a trail past the sign that leads you in it's direction. You have to loose major elevation to get onto the saddle, but it's within reason and not that far from here to the summit. So from here, even though you are loosing elevation, you are coming out of trees, but shortly meet up with a small patch on the saddle. The saddle is flat and makes for a good rest are. Luckily, the remaining route has no trees. So now you are going up a steep rocky slope, heading towards the one false summit that exists from this approach. You may want to go around some parts where it is loose and you gain exposure. But one you get to the false summit, it is a straight shot to the real summit from here. Once your at the summit, you can descend down the way you came or descend down it's north ridge.

Round-trip Mileage: 10.12 miles

Essential Gear

A good pair of boots may come in handy but besides that, only standard hiking gear would be essential.

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