Many tourists/out of towners don't really think of snowfall when they think of Arizona. And many of those who do, don't realized how hard and fast the snow can come down around Flagstaff. Just to give some people a better perspective and help them better prepare for their trip, this picture serves as an example of how much snow can fall in 48 hours. The first week of December 06 I was planning on hiking to the top of Humphrey's Peak. When I checked the whether report the night before my flight left, there was no snow on the mountain, and some locals told me they had not received snow yet. Two days later when I attempted to hike up the mountain, this is the snowdepth that I found on the mountain. I was not prepared because I assumed that it wasn't possible for more than - 8 inches to fall in 2 days. After 11,500 feet, I found myself postholing above my knees.


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