Soliskový hrb / Szoliszkó-púp

Soliskový hrb / Szoliszkó-púp

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.15206°N / 20.03720°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6985 ft / 2129 m
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Altitude: in most sources 2129 m is given, but I found a detailed map showing 2126 m, too
Topographic isolation: 250 m
Nearest higher peak: Mlynické Solisko / Malompataki-Szoliszkó, 2302 m


Like most of the geographical names in the High Tatras, this summit has many names, in the 4 used languages of the area:

Slovakian: Soliskový hrb
Hungarian: Szoliszkó-púp or Sóvető-púp
German: Salzberghöcker
Polish: Soliskowy Garb

Soliskový hrb / Szoliszkó-púp is a not too important peak, but still a populat tourist destination. It's one of the 3 summits exceeding 2000 meter that are in the southernmost position among the peaks of the High Tatras, besides Predné Solisko / Elülső-Szoliszkó-kúp and Sedielková-kopa / Szedilkó-domb. Though Soliskový hrb / Szoliszkó-púp is on the southern perimeter of the High Tatras, it cannot be seen from southern direction because it is just hidden by the slightly lower summit Predné Solisko / Elülső-Szoliszkó-kúp (2093 m).


Soliskový hrbView of the summit from Furkotská dolina / Furkotai-völgy

Why is this summit among the popular toursit destinations? Because of the nearby Predné Solisko / Elülső-Szoliszkó-kúp that is perhaps the most visited summit of the Slovakian High Tatras. And why Predné Solisko / Elülső-Szoliszkó-kúp is so popular? Because it is a summit exceeding 2000 meter, but still very easy to ascend it: from the mountain resort Štrbské Pleso / Csorbató – that serves also as a logistic centre – people can use the chair-lift service to get up to 1840 m altitude, to the tourist hut Chata pod Soliskom / Szoliszkó menedékház. From there on the marked path (red signs) it takes only 1 hour to ascend to Predné Solisko / Elülső-Szoliszkó-kúp. And you need further 5-8 minutes to get to Soliskový hrb / Szoliszkó-púp, while crossing the saddle Predné Soliskové sedlo / Elülső-Szoliszkó-nyereg. Of course this 1 hour and the extra 5-8 minutes is valid only in good weather.

Instead of using chair-lift, from Štrbské Pleso / Csorbató to the tourist hut Chata pod Soliskom / Szoliszkó menedékház you can walk up in 1.5 hour on the blue marked trail.

A third alrenative to get up to the tourist hut is to leave Štrbské Pleso / Csorbató in north-western direction on the famous Magistrale route. After 1.5 km turn north to the yellow marked route that leads into the valley Furkotská dolina / Furkota-völgy. Walk 1.5 km upwards the valley, then turn right and take the blue trail. 15 minutes and you are at the tourist hut. This trail is closed between 1 November and 15 June!

On the Summit

Soliskovy hrb (2129 m) just after we climbed itThe peak

The peak is a small rocky pyramid on the long Solisko ridge. Panoramic view from the summit is limited:

- NORTH: you can see only the hillside of Mlynické Solisko / Malompataki-Szoliszkó (2302 m)

- EAST: The valley Mlynická dolina / Malompataki-völgy, Mala Bašta / Kis-Bástya (2287 m) and Patria / Pátria (2203 m)

- SOUTH: the view is closed by the nearby summit Predné Solisko / Elülső-Szoliszkó-kúp (2093 m). But at least its contour is nice

- WEST: The valley Furkotská dolina / Furkota-völgy and Sedielková-kopa / Szedilkó (2061 m)






Red Tape

Erik climbing Soliskovy hrb (2129 m) during heavy windsLegal approach (?)

According to TANAP (Tatra's National Park) rules you can walk on unmarked routes only if you are a member of a mountaineer club which belongs to UIAA, and you can use the easiest routes only for descending. Tourist season begins 16 Jul and ends 31 Oct.

Marked routes lead only to Soliskový hrb / Szoliszkó-púp. It is on the unmarked route leading to Mlynické Solisko / Malompataki-Szoliszkó.

Official TANAP site with more information:


Tourist hut: Chata pod Soliskom / Szoliszkó menedékház (on 1840 m a.s.l.)

The „youngest” tourist hut of the High Tatras: it was opened only in 1944 – and fully completed only in 1946. In 2003 it was re-built, and since then it has 27 beds and a restaurant for 30 people.


Phone: +421 905 652 036, +421 907 949 442


- Weather forecast
- Webcam in Štrbské Pleso / Csorbató, 1400 m altitude

Soliskový hrb (2129 m) and Mlynické Solisko (2301 m)Mlynické Solisko / Malompataki-Szoliszkó is in the background...

My own photos of this summit are analog photos. Instead of attaching bad-quality scanned photos, I attached and inserted other climbers' ( Tomas Kristofory, Gorzi, Judit Iváncsics) photos for illustration