South, into Wild Country!

Another view from the Stoney Indian Peaks east side traverse, this perspective looks south. Pyramid Peak (7,933') in center foreground, Mount Merritt's shoulder leads out of the photo on the left, then come the unclimbed Lithoid Cusp spires, leading to Ipasha Peak (9,450'). The big peak in the far distance, with its head in the clouds, is Mount Gould (9,553'), with the mountains somewhat closer and slightly right (one with a glacier on it) being unnamed. The wall blocking off the right hand side of the photograph is, of course, part of the Stoney Indian Peaks east wall, which we have been traversing. Mokowanis Lake is at lower left. From where I'm standing, Mount Cleveland is directly behind me. Photo by Vernon, September 7, 2007.

(Take the time to enlarge this, it's worth it.)


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