South Route

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Kaernten, Austria, Europe
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Mountaineering, Scrambling
Summer, Fall
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Half a day

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South Route
Created On: Aug 20, 2004
Last Edited On: Jul 17, 2011


The approach starts on the saddle between Jochalm and Reisskofel, on the altitude of 1492m. See the main page how to get there.

Route Description

A self-made map of Reisskofel...Reisskofel and its routes

In many turns the marked path goes up through woods, keeping slightly towards right. When it reaches open landscape it ascends over quite steep grassy slopes, till it reaches the markant Alpelspitz, 1959m. After a slight descent over the shallow ravine to the right, we reach the crossroads. For experienced the direct approach to the ridge is recommendable. If we chose it, we turn left, and the path starts ascending very steep over grassy slopes. Some 100 m higher the path crosses an unpleasant ravine and is still not protected. Above it, grassy slopes are even more steep. We face almost a 'climbing section' over grassy slopes. Foot steps are good and deep, but in wet the path would require much care. Above this part we reach rocky slopes and there the route is secured with steel ropes. We already see the summit ridge, some 100 m more and we reach it. Over the summit ridge we go towards left (westwards), descend from the fore-summit to a nearby notch and over the final part of the ridge we climb up to the summit.

If the direct south route is too steep for a descent, we descend by the east ridge all the way down to the notch below Kleines Reisskofel. Here one path goes down the north slopes towards Compton hut, the second one ascends Kleines Reisskofel and our path goes down over south slopes. We turn right and cross far back, losing only a little altitute, until reaching Alpelspitz. Although this route is easier than the direct one, it still requires quite some care, especially when rocks are wet.

Essential Gear

Good shoes, sticks.

Rating the route (by hiking standards)

0. General: 1492m to 2371m, exposition S, marked, protected route over grassy and rocky slopes.
1. Effort: 900m, 2h 15min.
2. Power: 2 - easy.
3. Psyche: 3 - moderate (depth rising, quite some care needed if wet).
4. Orientation: 1 - no difficulties.

Miscellaneous Info

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