South Slopes

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Scramble / Carbon Dioxide Snow
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Mars Grade IV

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Created On: Mar 13, 2003
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Trailhead #1 - Kennedy Space Center - Possible launch vehicles include Shuttle 2, Boeing Delta 6, Lockheed Atlas 7, and Lockheed Titan 6. Click here for details.

Trailhead #2 - Guiana Space Center, French Guiana - Possible launch vehicles include Ariane 7, and Ariane Reusable Launch Vehicle. Click here for details.

Trailhead #3 - Baikonur Cosmodrone, Kazakstan (Earth's Largest Spaceport) - Possible launch vehicles include Buran 2, Proton 3, and Soyuz 3. Click here for details.

After obtaining low earth orbit, rendevous with Transfer Spaceship. Ignite Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) plasma motor to begin 6 month journey to the Red Planet. After arriving in low Mars orbit, detach landing section from orbiting craft and begin descent sequence towards the south side of Olympus Mons. For assistance in trajectory analysis, use high resolution laser altimeter map.

Please keep in mind that bouncing airbag landing system as used on Mars Pathfinder is not recommended for human passengers.

The next step is to establish base camp. A pressurized system including greenhouse, enviornmental control system, radiation protection, fluids recycling, and airlock is highly recommended. The North Face Red Planet 5,000 and a Mountain Hardwear Mars 6,000S are both excellent choices. Either are available for 6 billion Globals (replaced the Euro in 2015).

Route Description

Depart airlock and begin accending gentle 2 to 5 degree red scree slopes. Set camp 1 at 1,000 meters. Please do not use Nanorobotic Hovertank for gear transport, it is only for dust storm emergencies. Hovertanks are Aid.

1,000 meters per day is usually climbed on Olympus Mons, due to large pack size. Max slope is 30 degrees. After camp 23 is set at 23,000 meters, the summit day is very easy due to the flat volcano top.

Descent is usually by skiing carbon dioxide snow assisted by plasma miniboosters. Scree sections must be hiked.

Return to Earth and celebrate.

Essential Gear

Launch Vehicle, Transfer Spaceship, Planetary Habitat, Spacesuit, lots of Food & Water, Personal Items, Lots of Money.

Bouldering, Canyoneering, & Other Climbing on Mars

Visit this site for more info.

Ice Climbing

There is no ice climbing on the South Slopes of Olympus Mons. The refrozen carbon dioxide snow and ice at the Martian Poles is not good to ice climb on either. In addition, the North Polar Dust Storms can be brutal. Europa is much better. There is Galaxy Class big ice walls to WI10 available all over the planet.

South Slopes

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