Spanish Fork Peak Additions and Corrections

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olderhiker - Aug 24, 2012 11:16 pm - Hasn't voted

Getting there

The directions provided work okay if heading south on I-15. However, going either direction on I-15, it works better to take exit 260 (Springville/Mapleton) then head East to U.S. 89 where you turn right and stay to the far right after turning. The camping sign at Maple Street does not indicate it is for Whiting, but when you turn right (East) onto 400 North a sign does indicate "Whiting Campground". You actually start on Trail 006 for the first quarter mile before crossing a stream, where the 5-mile trail to the peak begins as Trail 007.

4646 - Oct 25, 2014 8:45 pm - Voted 1/10

It is Spanish fork Peak but..

It is not a mountain as is referred to in your post. The whole mass from Maple canyon to Diamond fork Canyon is called Maple Mountain. That is called Maple Mountain. If anyone calls the PEAK Maple Mountain they would be wrong. Local residents call the mountain mass that stretches from Maple canyon to the mouth of Diamond fork Canyon, Maple Mountain. Spanish Fork peak is not a mountain. It is a peak. A peak is the highest point of a mountain. The range from maple canyon to Diamond fork canyon is called Maple Mountain. That is what Mapleton residents refer to when they say Maple Mountain, not the actual peak.And Spanish Fork Peak is part of Maple Mountain and is its highest point.I have heard people call it Maple Peak,(it is a peak but that isn't its real name). But I have never heard anyone call the actual Spanish Fork Peak "Maple Mountain." Maple Mountain High school was not named after the peak either,but the mass from Maple to Diamond Fork canyon.(look on google maps or google earth if needed) Most Locals here don't say "Im going to climb to Maple Mountain" . They say "Im going to climb to the TOP of Maple Mountain or I'm going to climb Maple Mountain(referring to the mountain mass between the two canyons), or "I'm going to climb or hike to Spanish Fork Peak." Glad I could clear that up for you. -(Mapleton Resident)

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