Speed Ascend the Koko

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Speed Ascend the Koko
Created On: Jul 13, 2012
Last Edited On: Jul 13, 2012

Run to the top

While I was going to school at BYU Hawaii on the North shore I would occasionally run to the top of this as a workout. It's a pretty intense, beastly, short workout! We would drive to the park just past Hanauma Bay, park, and then run easy up to the base of the railroad tie trail. From there, we would time it up to the top---I think my fastest and the fastest I know of was around 9:36.
It basically just goes right up the very steep trail with railroad ties every few feet. There is one section that gets dicey (especially when running fast) as the railroad ties go over a gap in the trail with a decent trap and you definitely don't want to fall. This was always the most exciting part when going up or racing down. Once I get to the top, I would sit on top and take in the view for a while. Then it's a race to the bottom! I think the fastest time down I remember was 4:48 or so.
I often saw other people using this as a workout and even talked to one guy who said he did it every week. Pretty cool way to stay in shape. Definitely a quick one to do if you're in Oahu---not to be missed!
Running down


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Speed Ascend the Koko

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