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Location Lat/Lon: 47.15000°N / 9.06000°E
Additional Information Elevation: 6397 ft / 1950 m
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The Speer (meaning Spear) is one of the best outlook mountains in the Eastern Part of Switzerland. It is located between the Toggenburg-Valley and the lake of Zurich, offering a good overwiev and looks to the Glarner Alps, the Alpstein, the Graubünden-Alps and the peaks in the center of switzerland.
Further it's the highest Mountain built of conglomerate rock ("Nagelfluh") in whole Europe!
On the top there is a platform and some planels that explain the panoramic view.
It's easy to reach within one day from Zurich and offers different interesting routes and beautiful hiking possibilities!

Getting There

You have two possibilities to reach the Mountain. One is from the Valley of Toggenburg (A1 from Zurich as far as Wil, then head for Wattwil (Center of the Toggenburg) or take the A3 to Pfäffikon and go to Wattwil over the small pass called Ricken). From Wattwil you can reach Ebnat Kappel, Krummenau or Nesslau within a quarter of an our. There are also good train connecitions to these Villages (1:30 from Zurich)
The Second one is to Start from the Linthebene (End of the lake of Zurich; A3) and go to Kaltbrunn. There's a small villiage called Steinebrücke where you can turn into a small Valley and drive to the parking site of Mittlerwengi (1173m). You can Also start from Schänis 420m near Kaltbrunn or Weesen at the Walensee, reachable by train. But from there it's a long trip to the summit!

When To Climb

The best season is early summer to fall, depending on early snowfall/old snow. The south flank is usualy in excellent conditions from may - november, north route from june to october.
With good avalanche conditions, you can also reach the summit by ski in wintertime, via the South-Flank (Starting from the Toggenburg side (Hinter Laad) or Weesen) Great in early spring with firn-snow conditions!


There's a camping site in Krummenau. You will find some good ones in at the lake of Zurich or the Walensee.
There's an Alp hut ("Ober Chäseren") where you can eat, drink and stay overnight below the south flank, within one your from the Summit!
Wild camping is officialy forbidden, but if you do it without leaving any traces it's tolerated.

Mountain Conditions or where you can write trip reports or read them.
or for avalanche conditions.


Like you probably know, the Swiss maps are the best - an the most exact of them are the ones with scale 1:25'000 - I can highly recommend them!
If you can get it, buy the "Zusammensetzung Toggenburg-Walensee, Blatt Nr. 2513" It's bigger and all the official hiking routes are red marked!
Other case, its Walensee, 1134, Linthebene 1133, Ricken 1113, Nesslau 1114.
If you strictly stay on the paths, the 1:50'000 will also do a good job!

Recommended Route

The most excining route for experienced Hikers is the "Nordkante" (see routes) with descend via the south flank.
Relax have a break at the Alp Oberchäseren!

Red Tape

No permits or fees are required, like everywhere in Switzerland! Anyway, be carefull with the gift of nature - leave nothing but footprints and take only memories (and photos;-)!



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