Spitzingsee - Brecherspitz

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Bavaria, Germany, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Less than two hours
Hike and scramble
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Class 4

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Spitzingsee - Brecherspitz
Created On: Aug 10, 2008
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BrecherspitzBrecherspitz mirrored in Spitzingsee

Climbing Brecherspitz from Spitzingsee is a very short affair, something you can do before or after work. Since the Sheraton Hotel at Spitzingsee is often used for trainings / workshops / conferences you might find yourself in this situation. The climb takes only 90 - 120 minutes; still it has everything a good climb requires: good views, an exposed ridge traverse and lots of beautiful flowers on the way.

There are two routes from Spitzingsee to Brecherspitz which both combine at Obere Firstalm, where the final ascent starts. Both run along dirt roads for much of the way and thus can be climbed by anybody. The upper part of the route, however, is reserved for those who don't balk at exposure. To tell the truth, the Brecherspitz west ridge is only moderately exposed and in the most difficult section right beneath the foresummit the route is protected by cables.

Both routes are done as popular ski tours in winter.

Getting There

BrecherspitzBrecherspitz from the Spitzingsee south shore

See the Getting There info on the main page. At Spitzingsee there is a large parking lot close to the Taubenstein cable car. As far as I know there are no fees there (but everywhere else...).

Route Description

Brecherspitz west ridgeThe Brecherspitz west ridge

  - Start altitude: 1100m
  - Summit altitude: 1685m
  - Prevailing exposure: N and S
  - Type: Hike and scramble
  - Protection: Short protected section
  • Effort: 700m elevation gain
  • Power: 1 - Moderate
  • Psyche: 2 - "Exposed" west ridge
  • Orientation: 1 - Easy

    The Route across Spitzingsattel

    Follow the lake shore promenade until you reach the northern end of the lake. There a path turns off - still northwards - which in a few hundred metres reaches Spitzingsattel. In the Saddle take the upper of the two left turning roads. It is usually closed by a bar and turns back southward for the frst couple of metres before heading westwards, out to Obere Firstalm. In spring and early summer observe the many meadows on the way and check for orchids and lilies.
    Dactylorhiza maculataDactylorhiza maculata
    Turk s Cap LilyLilium martagon
    Gymnadenia conopseaGymnadenia conopsea

    The Route across Untere Firstalm

    From Spitzingsee, again take the lake shore promenade. Cary on until you reach the western shore, where a muddy path heads westward for the last of the hotels of the small Spitzingsee village. Once there, follow the signs to Untere Firstalm which will direct you across a dirt road directly to the farm buildings. There, a narrow path crosses the often muddy meadows (stepping stones there), heading for Obere Firstalm.

    Common Ascent

    From Obere Firstalm head out northwards, leaving the road to Spitzingsattel. A few signs direct you to the correct path to Brecherspitz, which climbs the slopes of an old ski run (again orchids and lilies here). At first it stays on the right hand side of the run, remaining under the last trees. Later it heads out, crossing the ski run in wide sweeping turns and heading for the upper station of the ski lift. A short scramble leads you to a lookout (foresummit), which offers an overview over the remaining part - the Brecherspitz west ridge.
    Brecherspitz west ridge
    Brecherspitz summit

    From the foresummit follow the path either along the marked lines or right across the rocky ridge. After several metres you'll reach a protected section, which descends from the foresummit towards the sadlle in between the summits. Another protected section takes you back out of it and onto the west ridge where a steep but easy path takes you to the summit cross.
    Brecherspitz west ridge
    Brecherspitz west ridge

    Essential Gear

    Hiking gear is sufficient.

  • Spitzingsee - Brecherspitz

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