Spodnje Ravni terrace-Mlinarsko saddle

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.36032°N / 14.53998°E
Route Type: Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Season: Fall
Time Required: Half a day


Mlinarsko sedloThe approximate route from Ravni to Mlinarsko sedlo.

Grintovec is the highest peak of the Steiner-Sanntaler Alps/Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps, southernmost mountain range of the limestone Alps.
Central part of the range, topped with Grintovec peak, stretches in east-west direction, between rivers Kokra and Savinja.
And inside the central part of the range, long rugged ridge named Grintovci, stretches in West-East direction, with five
prominent elevation points, Kocna, Grintovec, SkutaRinke and Turska gora.
There are several scenic routes allowing traverse of the central ridge in north-south direction over the Grintovec peak,
the Jezersko-Ledine-Mlinarsko sedlo (saddle)  route being one of the easiest.

Getting there & away

Trailhead starts at Zgornje Jezersko village, close to the Austrian/Slovenian border. Best approach is by car,
either from south,  leave the Ljubljana-Jesenice motorway near Kranj- takeoff Britof, then via Predvor -Kanonir-Spodnje Jezersko.
Road is paved and does follow the Kokra river all the time.
From north: From Bad Eisenkappel in Karnten (Carintia) , via Vellacher Hammer-St. Christopherus-Fels till Bad Vellach,
from Bad Vellach up the numerous curves till Seebergsattel, accross the border into Slovenia, another set of curves, pass the Plansarsko lake
and down into Zgornje Jezersko village. From  Zg. Jezersko, marked hiking path leads through the thick woods uphill toward Ceska kuca (Czech hut).
It is one and half hour trek, last part of itt is out of the woods, on your left nice view opens toward Velika Baba , so it is not too boring either.
It is common to have overnight break at Ceska kuca  (open 20th June-20th September, winterroom  for 6 people open year-round) and to proceed
 the next day for Grintovec peak.

Route Description

The Grintovec peak ridgeRidge leading to the main summit
From Ceska kuca hit eastbound trail for "Vratca",
where "Vratca" trail takes right, you should continue uphill left. Shortly after, another trail forks due right again,
that is trail over Dolska skrbina (path nr.1), pay some attention and stick with the eastbound left trail instead.
Another 20 minutes of so of puffing up the scree finally takes you in touch with the secured  path up the rocks.
Go steady, till you reach Mlinarsko sedlo (saddle) . Once there, follow the ridge on your right, direction southwest
till the Grintovec peak.
It is common  to have a break at Mlinarsko saddle, hence it is open to the south (you are ascending from the nortwest, remember)
so one may warm up his bones under the sun before continuing to Grintovec.

"On Mlinarsko sedlo the ascent on Grintovec turns right and soon enters the rocks of the ridge. The path gains the first ridge elevation, crosses it and again descends a bit. The following section of the ridge is also rocky and the path over it is exposed. Yet the ferrata is well protected. Gaining altitude the ferrata exits on the nothern summit slopes of Grintovec. Now it looks we have only screes till the top, but in some last ten meters there's again a rocky section where the passage is protected.

altitudes, time required (roughly):  
Zgornje Jezersko(881m) - Ceska koca(1542m) hour and half.
Ceska koca(1542m)-Mlinarsko sedlo(2334m) 2 and half hours
Mlinarsko sedlo(2334m)-Grintovec(2558m) hour nad half.

Essential Gear

Sturdy boots, wind and rain protection (Grintovec is fairly windy place),
half a day of water supplies (no water sources en  route)
kompass, topo map; freytag & berndt WK 471 Steiner/Sanntaler Alpen 1:50000 scale will do.
Othervise, at Ceska kuca  number of  Slovenian hikin and topo maps by various publishers are available.
All of them are good.