Spontaneous Alpine Flora

Spontaneous Alpine Flora

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Pioneers of Spring - Anemone Hepatica, PennarossaPioneers of Spring: Anemone Hepatica, Pennarossa
Anemone Hortensis, Appennino MarchigianoAnemone Hortensis, Appennino Marchigiano

Here the term "Alpine Flora" is used to mean all the plant species spontaneously growing and living not only on the Alps, but by extension on the high lands of all the mountain ranges worldwide. The mountain flora includes many species of flowers, plants and trees belonging to nearly all major botanical families.

A rare shot of Saxifraga Florulenta, Alpi MarittimeRare Saxifraga Florulenta, Alpi Marittime
Crocus Vernus - Eastern Parmese ApenninesCrocus Vernus, Apennines

Superb blooming of Helleborus Niger along the routeHelleborus Niger, Alpi di Ledro
Digitalis Purpurea - Bavella, CorsicaDigitalis Purpurea, Bavella

To survive the particular and difficult characteristics of the mountain climate plants have had to develop special ability to adapt to the environment, such as resistance to frost, drought and extreme temperature changes.

Club mosses (Lycopodiopsida) in Quebrada SentilloClub mosses (Lycopodiopsida) in Quebrada Sentillo, Cordillera Blanca
Dianthus Pavonius (Orsiera - Rocciavrè Natural Park)Dianthus Pavonius,Orsiera - Rocciavrè Natural Park

Sassifraga zolfina, Ortles-CevedaleSassifraga zolfina, Ortles-Cevedale
Physoplexis comosa (Raponzolo di roccia), Piccole DolomitiPhysoplexis comosa (Raponzolo di roccia), Piccole Dolomiti


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