Sport Climbing at Exit 38

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Sport Climbing at Exit 38
Created On: Nov 8, 2012
Last Edited On: Apr 18, 2013

Exit 38 Sport Climbing

Here is an album dedicated to my practice in rock climbing. I am heading of to Exit 38 as many times as possible in order to learn how to climb, lead and clean. After not making it to the summit of North Ingalls it was time for me to practice being on rope and tighten my rock climbing and scrambling skills. Exit 38 is only 40 minutes from Seattle and is home a large number of bolted routes. We invited CascadeCohen the first time rock climbing. Ironically CascadeCohen did actually did better overall mastering both routes we setup than I did. On the second time it was just Matt and I in the spring. Here are the pictures...

Matt Lemke and EastKing (4/17/13)

EastKing working his way up
EastKing working his way up
Matt cleaning the route
Matt cleaning the route

Looking up
Looking up the rope!
EastKing stumped here!!
EastKing hitting a tough section

Matt Lemke and EastKing (4/03/2013)

On the rock
Matt Lemke heading down
EastKing heading up the route
EastKing climbing away

Matt Lemke, CascadeCohen, and EastKing (Early November 2012)

CascadeCohen killin it
CascadeCohen climbing up the rock
Nearng the top
CascadeCohen climbing up the rock

Looking for the next move
EastKing climbing up the rock
Spread your arms EK
EastKing climbing up the rock

Scenery Photos

Rainbow after the shower that ended the day
Rainbow from the climbing area

Webb Mountain from Exit 38
Web Mountain from the rock climbing area
The Railroad Bridge
The railroad bridge

Below the bridge!!
Long ways down!!!
From the bridge by the climbing station
Looking up Hull Creek from the climbing area!!!


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Sport Climbing at Exit 38

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