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Location Lat/Lon: 42.68219°N / 19.64340°E
Additional Information Elevation: 8146 ft / 2483 m
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Second highest peak of Komovi

Srednji Kom
The massif of KOMOVI range stretches in N-S direction. That range actually has a two parts, western and eastern. On the eastern side are placed Vasojevićki Kom and Bavani group, while on the western side dominate the highest group of the peaks of Komovi, precisely the massif which connected three highest peaks of Komovi - Kučki Kom, Srednji Kom and Ljevoriječki Kom. Some old man from Komovi area can tell you that all those peaks has a same name - Kučki Kom, but the fact is that this massif is structured by three peaks which each one has its own name. Looking from the north to the south, Ljevoriječki Kom is placed on the north side of that massif, while Kučki Kom is on the south. Finally, between those two peak are place the third peak called Srednji Kom (2483 m) (Middle Kom). On some maps you can notice also the name Stari Vrh (Old Peak). As a 2nd highest peak of KOMOVI range, Srednji Kom is for sure one of the three most impressive peak of Komovi, together with Kučki Kom and Ljevoriječki Kom. Srednji Kom is placed between the southern side of Ljevoriječki Kom and northern side of Kučki Kom. Because of its special position, the summit of Srednji Kom offer the most impressive view to the highest peak of Komovi - Kučki Kom, and also to impressive Ljevoriječki Kom. Lower slopes of Srednji Kom is the mixture of grassy and rocky terrain, while its upper part is mostly rocky. The route and ascent on Suvovrh is very beautiful and impressive adventure which offer enjoyment in many beautifully panoramas, special the view to Ljevoriječki Kom, Kučki Kom, Vasojevićki Kom, Bavan and to giant massif of Prokletije range. Also, from the summit of Srednji Kom you can see Sinjajevina, Maganik, Moračke Planine, Durmitor and Bioč.

Routes Overview

Magnificent KomoviKučki Kom & Srednji Kom from Vasojevićki Kom
There are three approaches to reach the summit of Srednji Kom, first one from Štavna plateau via Međukomlje Valley, second from Carine and third one by the ridge between Kučki Kom and Srednji Kom. It's very important to say that some climbers marked a new marked path to Srednji Kom from Međukomlje Valley, but this route is non recommended for inexperienced mountaineers and climbers! 1. Štavna approach: Štavna - Medjukomlje Valley - Srednji Kom (2483 m): 4h Route starting from Eko Katun on Stavna vast plateau. To reach the Medjukomlje Valley from Štavna you can choose between the two paths, first one which goes throught the forest descending to Ljubaštica stream, and second one which goes on the western rocky slopes of Vasojevićki Kom. After descending into forest, the path leads belowe SE side of Kom Ljevoriječki (2469 m) and going over beautiful Medjukomlje Pass (2171 m) which is placed belowe W side of Kom Vasojevicki (2460 m). Following the route you continue below the W side of Bavan (2252 m). After that you'll notice the new marked path with new red marked sign "Srednji Kom" which goes up to the right, on the slopes of Srednji Kom. When the path comes near the cliffs of Srednji Kom, you should be very careful because of exposed parts during climbing and some unstable rocks. 2. Carine approach: Carine - Međukomlje Pass - Međukomlje Valley - Srednji Kom (2483 m): 3h-3,30h Carine approach is the south approach to Srednji Kom. The route starts from Carine plateau from where approach Suvovrh via Međukomlje pass and Međukomlje Valley. 3. Ridge approach: Kučki Kom (2487 m) - Srednji Kom (2483 m): 1h That route is very exposed and dangerous because of unstable rocks on the ridge between Kučki Kom and Srednji Kom. Non recommended to inexpirienced mountaineers!
Moon above the Mountain
From Medjukomlje
View to Kučki Kom & Srednji Kom

Getting There

Srednji Kom & Kucki Kom from Ljevorijecki KomSrednji Kom & Kučki Kom from Ljevoriječki Kom
By plane Podgorica airport in Montenegro is closest airport to Komovi massif. By bus Podgorica - Kolasin - Matesevo - Stavna Beograd (Belgrade) - Novi Pazar - Berane - Andrijevica - Stavna By train Podgorica - Kolasin; Then by bus or car Stavna via Matesevo. Beograd (Belgrade) - Priboj - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin; Then by bus or car to Stavna via Matesevo. By car Podgorica - Kolasin - Matesevo - Stavna Beograd - Novi Pazar - Berane - Andrijevica - Stavna
Kučki Kom & Srednji Kom
From Kučki Kom


Eko Katun on StavnaEko Katun on Stavna
Belowe the peaks of KOMOVI massif, on Stavna vasty plateau, you can find "Eko katun Štavna" (Ecological complex of houses for renting). There you have 10 houses for renting. Daily price for renting of one house is 40 Euro/8 Euro per person (each house has 5 beds, livingroom, bathroom and shower with warm water). Also, inside of Eko katun you can use the services of restaurant. Reservation & Contact +382 51 243 610 +382 67 512 761 +382 69 043 622 Around the massif of Komovi you can find many beautifully places for private camping in your tent.

Meteo Info

Before visiting KOMOVI area check the weather conditions and meteo info for Andrijevica town on VREME YUBC NET web site.
Srednji Kom & Vasojevićki Kom

Red Tape

Kom Kucki & Kom LjevorijeckiSrednji Vrh & Ljevoriječki Kom
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