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Location Lat/Lon: 42.82075°N / 19.25978°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7021 ft / 2140 m
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Maganik...Mrtvica Canyon (center-left) and Маganik (2139 m) range (right) from Stožac

Together with a few beautiful and impressive mountains Kapa Moračka, Lola, Tali, Lukanje Čelo, Štit and Žurimi, Stožac (2140 m) create a wider massif of beautiful and picturesque MORAČKE PLANINE range, placed in the central part of Montenegro.

Stožac massif is placed above deep valley and canyon of Mrtvica River, precisely in the center between the massif of Kapa Moračka (2226 m) on the north and impressive rocky massif of Maganik (2139 m) range on the south, which with its rocky vertical wall dominate 1300 m above the valley. Also, Stožac is situated on the W from Tali (2063 m) and NW from Lukanje Čelo (2049 m). Finally, Stožac dominate on the N above the Rovca area and impressive Mrtvica Canyon cutted below the rocky massif of Maganik, precisely below Mrtvičke Grede cliffs. Also, Stožac is place on the NE from Velje Duboko (840 m) village placed inside of Rovca area.

The highest peaks of Stožac massif are Veliki Stožac (2140 m) and Mali Stožac (2100 m) which are separate by pass (2070 m).

This beautiful mountain area is also enriched with two beautifully lakes - Kapetanovo Jezero and Manito (Brnjičko ) Jezero. Second one, Manito Jezero (1764 m) is placed in the glacial cirque between Stožac and Jablanovac, at the altitude 1764 m. The lake is 220 m long, 140 m wide and 13,4 m deep. On the surface of the lake dominate plants vegetation. On the coast of the lake you can find a two water springs. Below the cliff on the northern side you can notice a abyss, where goes the water from the lake.

It is important to say that Stožac massif with its highest peak Veliki Stožac is very attractive viewpoint, specially if you want to admire the impressive beauties of Maganik (2139 m) range and Mrtvica Canyon cutted below it. Finally, from Stožac you can see wonderfull sedimentary expression of Kapa Moračka (2226 m) massif.

Routes Overview

Kapetanovo and Manito jezeroKapetanovo Jezero & Manito Jezero
Maganik...Maganik range from the summit of Stožac


Kapetanovo Jezero lake (1672 m) - Manito Jezero lake (1764 m) 1h - Stožac summit (2140 m) 1h: 2h

Height difference: 469 m
Lenght: 5,5 km
Duration: 2h
Unmarked trail

Important note:

To reach the summit of Stožac from Kapetanovo Jezero lake you can choose between two options:

a) Kapetanovo Jezero lake - Radojeva Prodol - Stožac (2h)
b) Kapetanovo Jezero lake - Mliječno Ždrijelo - Stožac (1,30h)

Access: On the asphalt road from Nikšić through Kutsko Brdo (1280 m)(22 km) to the villages of Zagrad and Oblatno, to the Konjsko Plateau (1460 m). Take the bad gravel road 10 km, through Luka and Bare Bojovića to Kapetanovo Jezero lake.

This trail begins on the banks of the lake. From the east cottages it ascends southeastward via a green and loose cascading rock falls to Manito Jezero lake (elevation 1764 m, 220 m long, 140 m wide, 13 m deep). In the same direction, take the stony path through the Mliječno Ždrijelo (gorge) to the grassy slopes of Stožac summit (overlook), where on a lower peak there's a mountaineering box with a registration book.


Velje Duboko village (840 m) - Višnje (1000 m) - Katun Utlica (1700 m) 2.45h - Stožac summit (2140 m) 1,30h: 4,15h

Height difference: 1300 m
Duration: 4,15h

This route begin in Velje Duboko village from the coast of Višnjanska Reka river, from where starts the path in east direction to Lješnje village. After first 50m of ascent go left to green slope called Jasenovo. After about 15 min of walking you'll see a wonderfull 20 m high waterfall. Then, you'll come to crossover of the two paths. You should follow the right one which goes to Utlica katun. Here you can notice a strong water springs between the rocks and many limestone rocky formation. Below the springs you can hear the sounds of small river. That's a very beautiful place for rest and enjoyment. After Vrela the path continue through the valley between Siljevica and Brnik and become soon little beat steeper. Also, going near the forest and through it, you'll notice a transformation from grassy to rocky terrain. After about 100 m natural barrier the path continue in small green valley where are placed many shepherd's lodges of Katun Utlica, build by shephherds from Cerovica. From Vrela to here you'll spend about 1,30h, and from Velje Duboko village about 2,45h and ascend from 840m to 1700m. Utlica is a long valley below the Vojnovac on the east and giant massif of Stožac (2140 m) on the west. The bottom of Utlica is structured from Dolovi, the area of rocky and grassy barriere, which stretches to Krstac (1887 m) vasty plateau. Dolovi are structured from small valleys and cirques from direction of Stožac, Kapa Moračka, Potočac, Val and others. Behind the first shepherd's lodge, the path leave Dolovi and goes to the left between a few lodges, through Klisura. After about 200 m of ascent you'll come on the wider grassy plateau, from which you can see the grassy peak of Samarica. The path continue below the left side of that peak below its cliff and comes to the grassy slope from where you can see the highest peak of the Stožac massif - Veliki Stožac (2140 m). Soon you'll reach the Pass (2070 m) placed between the Veliki Stožac and Mali Stožac (2100 m) and finally also the summit of Veliki Stožac.

Getting There

Map of Moračke Planine rangeMap of Stožac area

By plane:
The closest airport is the one in Podgorica (70km away).
If you are planning to come via Serbia, you can use the Belgrade (Beograd) Airport in Beograd (Belgrade) city, capital of Serbia and Montenegro.
Information about flights and tickets on JAT Airways web page.

By train:
Beograd - Bar (Bar - Beograd) railway passes through Mojkovac and Kolasin. Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

By Bus:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin
Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Kolasin
Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

For the bus tickets and informations about but lines see Belgrade Bus Station page.

By car:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin - Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Kolasin - Gornje Lipovo - Klisura (1189 m)

- Mojkovac - Kolasin road goes from the E side of the Moraca Mountains
- Mojkovac - Djurdjevica Tara road goes from the NE side of the Moraca Mountains
- Djurdjevica Tara - Savnik road start from the NW side of the Moraca Mountains (lower quality of the road)
- Savnik - Kolasin goes on the SW side of the Moraca Mountains

You should drive along the central Montenegrin highway, which connects the seaside to the towns: Cetinje - Podgorica - Kolasin - Mojkovac - Bijelo Polje; and goes on to Serbia (Belgrade city). This road is passable during most part of the year. It is closed only in case of abundant snowing or great rockslides. The landscape along the highway is particularly picturesque in the segment of the Moraca River Canyon between Podgorica and Kolasin. This part of the canyon is called “Platije”. The highway is built along the edge of the narrow canyon. Thus, you can enjoy in observing the beautiful contrast between steep, dark cliffs and light, green river, while round, white peaks of Bjelasica glow in the distance. At moments, this beauty becomes scary!


The most optimal place for camping is near Kapetanovo Jezero lake or Manito Jezero lake. Also, if you don't have your own tent, you can use empty shepherd's lodges for stay inside.

Manito jezeroManito (Brnjičko) Jezero

Meteo Info

Before you visiting Moračke Planine range and Stožac peak, check the Meteo Info for Nikšić town.

Red Tape

No extra fees.
Usual rules of behaviour for NP's do apply.



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