Stormy hike in Bielovodská Dolina

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Stormy hike in Bielovodská Dolina
Created On: Aug 3, 2010
Last Edited On: Aug 3, 2010

Stormy hike in Bielovodská Dolina

From nom I'll try to put my Tatras pictures in several albums (the sorting process of the previous ones will take some time !). This is my latest hike, a modest one, with my wife and my young son. Mikolaj in the Tatras, the place where I met his mother, a dream come true !

The foggy-stormy atmosphere gave a "lord-of-the-rings" atmosphere. Mist was floating over the Bela river and the contrast between the white peebles, the emerald water and the dark sky was stunning. We saw a black stork and what we are not sure to be a black squirrel...

Mikolaj seemed to enjoy the views, the smell of freshly cut wooded beams, flowers and butterflies, walking in the pieces of mud and above all the big backhoe in front of the cottage ! As for Dorota, this small stroll managed to convince her, despite of her initial thoughts, that Bielovodská was Tatra's most gorgeous valley :)


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