Strahlhorn 4190m

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Valais (Wallis), Switzerland, Europe
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Apr 30, 2005
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Strahlhorn 4190m
Created On: Oct 2, 2008
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As a starting point for the Strahlhorn 4190m is the Britannia hut 3030m well located. From Saas Fee in the Swiss canton Valais, one get into the Britannia hut. A mountain railway facilitates the ascent to the hut.

Starting in the Britannia hut 3030m and down to the Hohlaub-glacier. It follows a long but beautiful ascent over the Allalin-glacier to the Adler pass 3789m. The Allalin-glacier has some large and deep crevasses, even in spring with ski, you should rope up. After the Adlerpass 3789m follows a steep passage over the northwest flank.
If the conditions are good and the firn not iced, you can go with ski and must not walk. If this part is frozen, you have to wear the crampons. By the point 4128m one deposited the ski , and goes the last part on foot, to the summit of Strahlhorn 4190m. The descent is the same as the ascent.

Fazit: The Strahlhorn is a perfect "ski-mountain", very well as ski tour feasible. In summer it is a long walk over a flat glacier terrain and there are almost impassable and big crevasses.

Exact route: Saas Fee - Britannia hut - Hohlaub glacier - Allalin glacier - Adlerpass - Strahlhorn - Britannia hut - Saas Fee

Strahlhorn 4190 mStrahlhorn 4190m
Strahlhorn 4190mStrahlhorn 4190m


Britannia hut 3030m - Link:

Britannia Hut 3030mBritannia Hut 3030m


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Strahlhorn 4190m

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