Successful Mission

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Successful Mission
Created On: Dec 29, 2013
Last Edited On: Dec 29, 2013

Quick Trip Summary

Nartreb was in town from New England and he wanted to knock off a couple of summits while he was here. The weather was not too good on the west side so we decided to head over to Wenatchee is tackle a couple of peaks in the region. Mission Peak was the signature peak of the trip. Outside of the half covered talus and the icy trail at the base the conditions were not all that bad. Here are the picture highlights from the climb.

Highlighted pictures

Heading up to the goal summitHeading up the final push to the summit
Heading over to the true summitHeading over to the true summit

Ice covered tree!Icy covered trees
Rainier from Mission PeakToken Rainier shot

Shot of the true tip top.Shot looking over the summit rocks
Looking down the ridge from the true summitLooking down the ridge from the true summit

Successful Mission

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