Sugarloaf Peak.

This photo shows the Trance X perched on the summit of Sugarloaf Peak, at an altitude of 11,051 feet. The route up from Alta starts at 8,750 feet up the steep Sugarloaf road to Sugarloaf pass dividing upper Little Cottonwood Canyon and American Fork Canyon. Sugarloaf pass gives direct access to Sugarloaf Peak and Mt. Baldy, both Wasatch 11,000 foot peaks.

The Sugarloaf road is mainly now used by Alta Ski Resort maintenance to work on the lifts higher on the mountain. The average grade of the road is 10-12 degrees, and at high altitude it's a nice anerobic workout from hell in some spots. It is usually only free of snow about 3-4 months out of the year. This past year had record snow-pack, I ended up waiting to ride this one until the first part of August, and then there was still snow fields which had to be crossed on foot in the upper section.

From Sugarloaf pass to the peak is a hike a bike, about 500 vertical feet of shouldering the bike up steep talus and scree slopes is needed to reach the summit. Better to carry the bike to the summit rather than lock it up to a lift at the pass!

The view is looking west at American Fork Twin Peaks above the handlebars at 11,489 feet. To the right slightly is Hidden Peak, just under 11,000 feet with the Snowbird Tram at the summit.

I've hit up this run about once a week since the first part of August, mainly for some high altitude riding/conditioning. A nice 2,300 vertical feet in about 5 miles up. Photo taken August 4, 2011.


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