Suha Valley Ski Tour

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Suha Valley Ski Tour
Created On: Jan 2, 2005
Last Edited On: May 9, 2012

Rating the Tour (By Hiking Standards)

0. General. A medium hard ski tour, slopes orientation W (above) and N. 1400 altitude meters of skiing. In good conditions you can use cableway and so shorten the ascent. Take an ice-pick with you.
1. Effort (ascent). From the valley 1400m (4h), using cableways 400m (2h).
2. Power. 2 - easy (some pulling up on steep parts - ice-pick), otherwise walk-up.
3. Psyche. 2 - easy (also the couloir in good conditions)
4. Orientation. 3 - medium (below in forests you can miss the right road).


Unlike other tours, here I shall describe here the recommended descent from Rodica summit to Ribcev Laz, near Bohinj lake. Doing this tour, you can ascend Rodica by the following directions:

1. From Vogel ski resort. Take cableway to the upper station, Visoki Orlov rob, 1800 m. Ski down below the main ridge towards SE, till you lose some 100 m of altitude. Then cross the slopes and ascend (very steep, take care if icy!) the main ridge on Cez Suho (pass), 1773 m. Now follow comfortably the main ridge to Rodica. 2h - 2h 30min.

If the above passage is too dangerous, continue skiing by the valley some more 150 m, until to the right a broad slope below "Čez Suho" pass opens. There go up on the main ridge and on top.

2. From Ribcev Laz. From the village take the marked path which goes southwards into Bukovska dolina (valley). Later forest becomes steeper and you reach the forrest road. Go by it or continue through the forrest until you reach the upper forrest road, coming from the left from Ravne. Continue towards the S by a valley, then through a steep forrest until it opens. You are on Suha planina (alpine meadow), 1385 m. Go southwards till Zadnja Suha (end of valley), where you can choose between the left passage (SE), through a steep couloir, or broad, less steep slopes on Čez Suha (pass), 1773 m. Now like in #1 by the main ridge to the summit.

3. From Ravne. From Kobla ski resort (above Bohinjska Bistrica) a long forrest road crosses slopes of the South Bohinj Range towards the west. If there's no snow, you can do it by car until you reach the marked path, coming up from Ribcev Laz (see #2). Continue like in #2.


Route Description

SuhaRodica has one of the best slopes for tour skiing. Its summit slope is oriented towards the west, we can do it in any direction. If you ski good enough and if there's no avalanche danger, then follow the nice valley between Mala Rodica, 1901 m and the main ridge. You enjoy nice skiing in a NW direction.

Passing Mala Rodica the slopes become steeper, but broad and nice for skiing. The direction is northwards. All passages bring you on top of a steep couloir where the key point of the tour is. In good conditions there's no serious problem, the couloir is short, it ends fine, but is some 40 degrees steep. Being through, you usually cross the slopes towards the left and from there enjoy the nice skiing down to Suha planina (meadows), 1385 m.

If you want to avoid the couloir, you need to continue just after doing the summit slope by the main ridge towards the west and then ski down to Suha planina.

From Suha planina you continue towards the NE. Forrest is firs steep, but not dense and skiing is fine. Of course not every passage will be the optimal one. So you reach the forrest road. Now it is best to go by the road towards the left. You can either follow the road down to Ribcev Laz, or, if there's enough snow in the forrest, ski down through Bukovska dolina.

Rodica summit slopes - then you come out from the valley and ski left down.

Suha Valley Ski Tour

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