Summer Blossom Trail

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Washington, United States, North America
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Summer, Fall
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Half a day
Walk Up with short off trail

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Summer Blossom Trail
Created On: Jan 20, 2014
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While there are many ways you can approach and climb this peak. This route describes the shortest. The route starts on the south end of the Sawtooth Ridge and climbs up at first through forest to gain the south ridge of North Navarre Peak. The route is almost all trail until about 1/10 of a mile from the summit. Then it’s easy off trail through some stunted alpine trees and rock to an open summit with views galore. The route climbs about 1530 feet in about 2.25 miles over nicely graded trail except for the last 1 to 2 tenths. It’s not a very demanding summit and is more of a gateway to the rest of the Sawtooth Ridge of which you will definitely want to experience once you hit the summit of North Navarre.

Views open up after a couple miles with nice views of South Navarre Peak to the west and Bryan Butte to the east. Once you gain the shoulder of North Navarre Peak, you really get some views of the Sawtooth Ridge to the north and lots of 8000+ foot peaks north and west.

The route doesn’t have any water sources but it’s short enough you should easily be able to bring what you need. If you are continuing on past North Navarre, there are lakes and streams in most basins off the Ridge.
This area is not really utilized like you’d think will all these high peaks, at least not by the masses. Motorcycles are allowed on some trails in this area though so you need to be aware of them (although you will hear them miles away). But the views are great and there are many mountains to summit in this area. This route in will also get you going along into the Sawtooth Ridge, and from there, just have a lot of fun.

Getting There

See the Main Page of North Navarre Peak for directions to the trailhead.

Route Description

From the trailhead at 6435 feet, ascend the Summer Blossom Trail about .6 of a mile until the first major switchback to the left. About another .4 of a mile, at the 1 mile mark from the trailhead, you’ll switchback right. Views begin to open up to the south and east. You’ll climb another .35 of a mile on the trail (at about 7300 ft.) where you will round North Navarre Peak’s SE Ridge and now be on its west side. Now you’ll have views of South Navarre Peak. (see photo below)

View of South Navarre Peak

From this point, the trail slowly ascends northwesterly until you gain the ridge (you’ll gain about 370 feet over .75 of a mile). Where the trail meets the ridge, you’ll then have views in all directions and see part of the Sawtooth Ridge ahead. It’s also a good place to have lunch or a snack if you want.

The trail then angles more west for .1 of a mile until you crest the left shoulder of North Navarre Peak and the ridge that heads out west towards South Navarre Peak (shoulder is at 7850 feet). To bag North Navarre Peak, go off trail to the right (NE) 1 or 2 tenths of a mile and about 120 feet higher to the rounded summit. Come back to the same spot on the shoulder though to regain the trail to continue on toward Horsethief Peak if this one is just the first on your agenda, or, return the same way you came if this was your objective.

Summit from the North

Essential Gear

Just sufficient water as there are no water sources.

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Summer Blossom Trail

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