Summit Structures

Summit Structures

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Firetowers, Lookouts, Summit Buildings, Memorial Towers, and Weather Stations

Fire towers

Fire towers used to be the only way to spot and direct firefighters to forest fires. Some are still used in this role, but with airplanes and other high-tech gear, most are not used anymore. They also provide nice views on summits that are below treeline.


Lookouts server the same purpose as fire towers, but are smaller because were usually built above treeline and bald summits, with no trees to clear.

Summit Buildings

Summit Buildings are usually built on summits that have roads to the top. They are usually considered a nuisance to most mountain climbers. They provide many services; from a snack shop to gift shop to full blown restaurants.

Memorial Towers

Memorial towers are usually stone towers that are dedicated to something or someone. They range in size form a few feet to 200+ feet. The bigger ones offer stairs or a elevator to the top to give views that are similar to a fire tower.

Weather Stations

Weather stations, like memorial towers range in size form a few feet to two stories depending on what instruments they have on them.

Please post pictures OF Summit Structures and not views from them

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