Sv.Jure (1762m) from Veliko Brdo

Sv.Jure (1762m) from Veliko Brdo

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Location Lat/Lon: 43.33000°N / 17.07000°E
Additional Information Route Type: Hike, Rock
Additional Information Time Required: One to two days
Additional Information Difficulty: Tough Walk-up
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Aboute Route

This trail begins in Veliko Brdo (293m) village, which is settled, like Makar, just bellow cliffs of Biokovo. Type of the trail is similar to that one from Makarska, but is even wilder. It is more and more popular because it leads via hut on Lokva. Ascent is steep, views are magnificent, and path is finding the way through the cliffs of Biokovo, which are falling wildly towards the picturesque coast.

Up to Slobodan Ravlic hut 2 different routes lead, one via Stropac peak and the other via Baskovici village. From hut there are also two options towards Sveti Jure. Ascent via Stropac lasts 5h while via Baskovici 6h. Stropac route is more dramatic and ascends between steep cliffs through couloir so view towards sea is more restricted while Baskovici route is little bit less dramatic but with wider views towards sea and islands.

If you are going to use one route to ascent and the other to descent access Veliko Brdo by car. But if you are going to descent to coast via Makarska or Bast routes it is best to leave your car in Makarska and reach Veliko Brdo on foot. If you descent to Bast wait for the bus on Adriatic road above Baska Voda to take you back to Makarska or hitch-hike.

Reaching Trailhead

To reach Veliko Brdo by car turn towards Biokovo at the spot where Makarska begins from Split direction.

On foot from Makarska it goes like this: from the bus station head towards Split some 50m (Ante Starcevica street). Than turn right to Mestrovica Street. After some 100m turn left to Mlikarice Street. When you reach main road (Adriatic road), head towards Split (left) some 50m. Path here turns right towards Biokovo and Veliko Brdo, which you reach in 45 minutes from Makarska.

Veliko Brdo - Slobodan Ravlic hut via Stropac: 3h

5 minutes above the church in Veliko Brdo is important junction where routes separate. Our path heads straight, gradually ascending some 25 minutes. Than it turns right through Stubica. You have to be careful here because on some places parts of path tumbled down. In the next 30 minutes it reaches Tocilo, steep gully bellow the cliffs of Stropac, where you will spend next hour. Scenery around is breathtaking. Path than turns left; on the other side of couloir and climbs 40 more minutes till the pass on the edge of the ridge.

Before continuing towards Lokva hut it is well worth to turn right to the Stropac peak (1444m) because of phenomenal view on Makarska, coast and sea. It takes some 30 minutes to the summit.

Behind the pass and further over the smooth edge of Solila cliff, path enters Biokovo plateau. Lokva hut is already visible. 20 more minutes of gradual ascent over undulating rocky pastures and you are there.

Veliko Brdo - Slobodan Ravlic hut via Baskovici: 4h

5 minutes above the church in Veliko Brdo is important junction where routes separate. Here road from Veliko Brdo towards Baskovici hamlet turns left, 30 minutes on foot. In next 50 minutes path climbs passing deserted houses, than by the scree slopes in many bends reaches Miletin Bor (Milet’s Pine). Here it turns left and ascends over the scree to Jelin Dolac (30 minutes). In next 10 minutes it passes bellow the opening of a big cave and than straight up some 30 minutes over Skaline till pine forest. Path turns right and in many bends, through the forest, by the Borovac peak it reaches Prasina dol (50 minutes). Behind it still 40 more minutes over undulating rocky pastures till Lokva hut.

Slobodan Ravlic hut - Sveti Jure: 2h

At the hut you join BPS or Biokovo mountaineering trail, which crosses whole Biokovo. Follow marks towards Vosac which is right. In some 20 minutes you reach junction at Babina Vrkla where you shoul turn left, joining Makarska route towards Sveti Jure via Vosac.

Ascent is steep. With little altitude gain, sea joins the view again. After reaching the pass on the ridge of Troglav peak (20 minutes), path goes up and down few times and in the end climbs steeply before getting on the Sv.Jure road (10 minutes). From here it is 300 meters to the right to Sv.Jure refuge.

From the refuge it is 30 more minutes to the top of Sv.Jure. Path follows the numerous metal sticks, which are used as carriers for fixed rope in winter to secure you from being blown away by the wind. Ascent is steep going straight up. On the top, just by the fence of TV structure is Sv.Jure chapel. You can also access the top using the road, which would require more time.

Sv.Jure (1762m) is highest peak on Biokovo and second highest in Croatia. Top is large rocky dome, occupied by TV tower and building. Till 1964, when object has been built, Sv.Jure chapel was standing here. Than it was moved little bit to the north, few meters bellow the summit. It has been there since 1646, till modern technology came. View from the top is grand.

Second variation turns to the left just a minute behind the hut, also in Vosac direction. It ascends towards Sv.Jure refuge using panoramic rocky ridges, going around many funnel shaped holes. Just follow red and white sticks and small piles of rock. It takes around 1.30h to the Sv.Jure refuge and also 2h till the summit. This variation joins previous just few minutes bellow Sv.Jure road, 300m before the refuge. It is much nicer than the one via Babina Vrkla because it has open views all the time in all directions.


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