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Created On: Aug 5, 2007
Last Edited On: Aug 20, 2007


The SW ridge of the Kendlespitze is a nice climbing ridge, not too difficult en with a nice view to Grossglockner and the Granatspitzgroup. The rock on this mountain is very lose and sandy but on the ridge self very good climbable. This ridge is often a goal by guides with cliënts as training for the Studleridge on the Grossglockner. The sandy rock gives good grip and is, if you take care of the lose rocks, a pleasure to climb.
The ridge is secured with "Theniushooks" so you can climb it fast i alpinestyle without losing time with belaying.

Getting There

You can reach the ridge from two ways:

From the city of Kals you can take the cablecar or walk up to restaurant Blauspitze. From here you go up to the Hohes Tor and go on in the direction of the Sudendeutsche Hut. On this way you find a sign with:"Kendlspitze Klettergrat". You follow this track op to the start of the ridge. On de steepest and lose parts are fixed ropes, but thats only on the way to the start of the ridge.

The other was is from the Sudendeutsche hut wich can be reached from the city of Matrei in Easttirol. From this hut you go to the Durrenfeldscharte and down in the direction of Hohes Tor and take the track up to the ridge halfway. This is the same as described befor.

Route Description

When you are at the end of the track you come at the ridge. On this ridge you can just follow the "Theniushooks". You cant mis the ridge wich you have to follow because its a exposed ridge. Just follow it to the summit.

From the summit you can go down by the normal route.

Essential Gear

SW-ridge kendlspitze
Mountainshoes good for rockclimbing, harness, rope, helm. Because of the hooks you do not have to use other equipment. Take enought to drink and eat with you and be prepared for bad weather.

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Climbingshots on the Kendlspitze SW ridge made bij my climbingpartner P.Vis, july 2007