Taroko Gorge

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Taroko Gorge

"Now I've never seen The Grand Canyon,
Taroko Gorge it costed many human casualties to make the road through here
the Pyramids of Egypt, or The Great Wall of China. I have been to Machu Picchu, Peru. I remember experiencing a similar majestic feeling inside, when I visited Taroko Gorge" -Editor

This amazing natural wonder is located in Taroko National Park in Tawan. Among other materials, it has a very large amount of marble and also some Jade. A natural resource which China might have managed while the country was under its domain. They occupied this Island following World War Two, after Japan was defeated. Japan occupied the country before the war. The road that travels through this gorge elevates from sea level, up to well over 2000 meters or 6000 feet! During the construction of the road, which tunnels through sheer cliffs and sits some 200 feet above the Liwu River below, hundreds of workers lost their lives. I heard, or read somewhere, that this gorge was in line to be included in the "Seven Natural Wonders of the World"!

Along the road, there is a foot path that breaks off into different sections for one to explore on foot. One section is called Jiuqudong tunnel, or the Tunnel of nine turns.
Taroko Gorge ouch
Now when I was here last, they made you wear a hard hat, and they had a barricade up so you could not go beyond a certain point.
This gorge really is breathtaking. So whether your aim is to discover, and be the first up some pretty gnarly routes, or just to soak in the views with someone special, than this is the perfect spot!

Taroko Gorge got rope?
Taroko Gorge Jiuqudong tunnel

Getting There

From Taipei, you can purchase a train ticket to Hualian City, The local bus companies offer tours. You could also get a taxi from town.(most tourists here are from China, and the tour will be in Chinese most likely). If you hold an International drivers License, however, you can get a rental car and drive here. Although there is only one main road, Route 9, and one train line that snakes down the east coast, I would recommend a gps, or a very good map if you decide to explore this option. Toroko Gorge is on route 8 which begins just north of Hualian City. Take it west right through the gorge, and up to the highest point on the road! (Anyone seen the Cadillac commercial?)

Red Tape

Taroko Gorge There are many places to explore here!
There is backpacking permitted here, it does require a permit though. As far as climbing goes, if anyone has additional info or sources, please add them.


Again, permits are required. There are some hotels in a little settlement just north of the gorge, they would be a nice quite place for a honeymoon or the likes.

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