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Created On: May 3, 2009
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Tazizout in its self is not a very impressive mountain if one wishes to climb or gain a prominent vantage point in the region. Though, from the top, you can see a great distance, it is the mountains history that attracts few people to visit and explore.

In 1932 during the French "pacification" of Morocco a Berber tribal leader by the name of Sidi Lmekki had a dream/vision that the french could be defeated along the 9,000ft ridge line of Tazizout. Situated in the draw on the north side of the far west main ridge of Tazizout. Lmekki and his unified force of four different tribes totaling ~1,030 (including women and children). Doug foxholes under trees and withstood 3 straight days of bombardment, only to then defeat two converging French Army columns. After withstanding a month long siege Lmekki and his fellow tribesmen were forced to surrender from attrition.

Today you can still find dozens of old foxholes hidden under trees and rubble and French rifle cartridges along the main ridge line. Traversing the northern slope beyond the foxholes are a series of pilgrimage shelters that are used during the months of August and September. Traversing even further up and eastward are a few more pilgrimage sites and evidence of massive erosion due to logging. Heading straight uphill you will soon find the "sacred cedar" near the ridge surrounded by a small stone wall and barbed wire. The "sacred cedar," according to legend, had nearly died during French occupation, but flourished and regained life once independence was won. From the cedar you've attained the ridge and can up to the summit or follow the ridge back down to the west, keeping an eye our for spent cartridges and old French fighting positions that were used to shoot into the Berber encampment below.

Getting There

To get there from Khenifra take N8 southward towards Beni Mellal. After about 15km you reach a turn onto 503 eastward towards Rachidia. After another 15km or so, you'll reach 1902, turn southward heading towards Aghbala. Passing through Aghbala continue until your reach 1903 just before Tiz n'Isly. Turn southward on 1903 and drive aprox 40min until you reach the town of Ikassen. You may need to ask directions during this whole leg of the trip.
In Ikkassen its advisable to get a guide. If you choose so, Omo Idrisi is a good guide that runs for about 100-150dh/day (with donkey). If you choose to go on without a guide you better know Arabic or Tamazight. Find the map I have posted for this page for further trail information. At the foot of Tazizout you can spend the night in the village of Tazra.

Red Tape



The pilgrimage site on tazizout would make for good camping spots.

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