Tepuys and Mesas

Tepuys and Mesas

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Home of the Gods

What are the TEPUYES ?

Tepuy means "mountain" in the local Indian language. They use that word to call these enormous sandstone's mesas that soar like fortresses above the surrounding savanna and tropical forest.

There are about a hundred of these tepuyes, scattered across the States of Bolivar in Venezuela ; Amazonas, Bahia, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and some mountains in South Africa, like Drakensberg Range. Only a few are accessible, some are still unexplored. They are protected as National Monuments, National Parks and Preservation Areas.
Good late summer shot of...

Pai Inacio Peak. Credits to...

They are the remnants of the sandstone deposits that were deposited underwater 1.8 billion years ago, when South America and Africa were still linked as part of the supercontinent Gondwana. 200 million years ago, warping of the continental plates created fissures and fractures in the sandstone plateau, then erosion for millions of years created the present day appearance of the tepuyes.

Very similar formations but, in different continents.
1st: Tafelberg and The Spout - Drakensberg Range - South Africa
2nd: Pai Inacio - Chapada Diamantina - Brazil

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