Terminal and Sentinel Range

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Location Lat/Lon: 58.98647°N / 125.76405°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 5814 ft / 1772 m
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Terminal range and Sentinel range are on either side of Muncho Lake, British Columbia.  Terminal range is predominantly on the west side of the lake and bears this name because it is the last mountain range in the Canadian Rockies looking North.  After these mountains, the ground levels off until you arrive at the Ogilvies.  The average elevation of its mountains is 1,593 meters (5226 feet).  Sentinel range contains slightly higher mountains and lies on the eastern side of Muncho lake.  The average elevation of its mountains is 1,772 meters (5,814 feet).  The most prominent peaks of the Sentinel range are Ewe Mountain (2084m, 6837 feet), Peak 58-33 (2271m, 7451 feet) and Nonda Peak (2384m, 7822 feet).

Sentinel Range
Sentinel Range near Toad River

Sentinel Range
Sentinel Range

Sentinel Range
Sentinel Range

Muncho Lake Provincial Park encompasses the lake and much of the surrounding area.  The park is crossed by the Alaska Highway, some people saying this is the prettiest section of the entire highway.  The park contains the very impressive geological formations of Folded Mountain towering above the road. Tectonic deformations have folded the limestone giving these mountains their unique appearance. Further along the highway you can observe huge alluvial fans. Care must be observed hiking/exploring these areas because very fast flash-flooding can occur due to rainfall in the high peaks.

Muncho lake itself is very impressive.  It is about 12 kilometers long (12.5 mi) and up to 6 kilometers wide.  Its maximum depth reaches over 200 meters, but its best attribute is its jade green color.  This is caused by copper oxides leached from the surrounding bedrock which gives it its distinctive shade of blue-green.  The lake's name is derived from the Kaska language in which "muncho" translates as "big water".

Terminal Range
Terminal Range

It is almost impossible to spend time here and not come across wildlife.  The following animals are frequently observed: moose, caribou, Stone sheep, bison.  There are also grizzly bear, wolves, etc.

The warmest temperatures are observed in July with an average high of 59.36 °F.  January is the coldest month with an average low temperature of -14.44 °F.

Getting There

Muncho Lake Provincial Park is on the Alaska Highway at kilometer 681.

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Additional information can be found at the Muncho Lake Provincial Park Web Site


There are two campgrounds in the area: the Strawberry flats campground is located at the south end of the lake while McDonald campground is roughly at the mid-point of the lake.  For people seeking more luxurious accommodations, the Northern Rockies Hotel in Muncho Lake is often used by hunters and fishermen.  Many visitors also spend time at Liard River Hot Springs about 20 km (12 mi) north of Muncho Lake.