Terror at the Pinnacles

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Rock Climbing
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Terror at the Pinnacles
Created On: Dec 8, 2008
Last Edited On: Dec 10, 2008

Rock climbing is a dangerous sport

Chimney Climbing
The day began with sunny skies and smiling faces. I started this 5.7 chimney feeling confident and strong. Little did we realize the horror that awaited us this fateful trip!

Evil lurks within

What lurks within
What is that thing emerging from the shadows?

Faster, Frisky! Climb faster!

Hurry, Frisky, Hurry!
Hurry, Frisky! I think that thing is after you!

This is what happens when you get too cocky!

Frisky rushes past the first belay station, and reaches for this 5.10 roof move, but she falls when she tries to place her first piece. Thank God for bomber heel hooks!


Impromptu Caving
We finally make it to the safety of this cave, but we dropped a bight of the rope! Quick, pull it up before that thing grabs hold!

Oh, no!

Faster! Pull faster!
Faster, Frisky! Pull faster!

Are we safe?

We got our rope back, but how well can Zombies can climb? I think he's still after us!

Let's hide!

Let s hide!
Time for some impromptu caving! I untied and ducked into this passage, but Frisky says she can handle long stiff dangly things of all sizes, so she keeps the rope between her legs as she crawls into the other passage.


Oh, no! Rob Zombie got his hooks into Frisky's rope!

He's got her!

Help! He s got me!
Hold on, Frisky, I'll pull you up!

Shake him loose!

Try to shake him loose, I can't hold the weight!

I am invincible!

I am invincible!
Little did we know, Zombies always land on their feet! He is now plotting his next evil move.

Oh, no you don't!

Take that, you creep!
While I fend off his fiendish attack with my fabulous boots, Frisky tries to snare him in a noose!

Take that, you creep!

Victory at last!
No one messes with the DOA porn stars and gets away with it! He should know we are bondage experts!


We string him from a tree and give him a good whipping! Wait, is that a smile on his face?


Time for a spanking!
For a primordial dwarf with a severe case of sciatica, Rob Zombie is amazingly well-hung!


Mother always says, "Group bondage is the best way to get to know new friends." Now we are going on a caving trip together! Such fun!


Poor Frisky! She fell off a balcony in Balconies Cave and broke her neck! She should have tied in!

Did she fall, or was she pushed?

Did she fall, or was she pushed?
The cause of Frisky's "accident" is still under investigation.

Just Mom and me

Just Mom and Me
Mom took me climbing, while Frisky underwent extensive plastic surgery. I tried to have a good time, but I just couldn't take my mind off what happened!

Gettin' lonely

Gettin  lonely
It was a long hike home without my friends to keep me warm. I am practicing my stretches here. It's important to keep in shape!

Frisky is feeling Frisky once again!

Frisky is on the mend
After 14 hours of extensive plastic surgery, Frisky is ready to go home! Say good-bye to your new friend. The goat came in for an udder job.


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depclimb - Dec 9, 2008 11:35 am - Hasn't voted


Bwahahahahaha...................Too much vino for the DOA


requiem - Dec 9, 2008 12:45 pm - Voted 10/10

the Epic.

.it fills me with zombie battley goodness =D


TheOrglingLlama - Dec 9, 2008 1:41 pm - Voted 10/10

I laughed, I cried ..

.. it was better than Cats


mooseball - Dec 11, 2008 3:08 am - Voted 10/10

with me...

I would keep these naughtly creratures far away, as long as I can follow you on these routes !

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Terror at the Pinnacles

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