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The Bizarre Rock Formations of Harz

Teufelsmauer rocks near the Weddersleben
If there is in the future a page of Harz Mountains on SP, these images and the hike hint may get useful. Teufelsmauer (= Devil's Wall) is a long chain of bizarre rock formations, stretching more than 20 km alonge the northern foothills of Harz mountains. The towers are built of very solid cretacious sandstones. They can be visited on many places, the highest and most attractive have special names, like: Königstein, Mittelsteine, Papensteine, Hamburger Wappen, Großvater, Großmutter, etc. My pictures are showing only the rock towers near the Weddersleben village. As these rock formations are very picturesque, but also endangered, they have been protected as natural values already since 1833. They are not only a precious geotope, but also archeologic sites (yielding traces of people even from the stone age) and they also excel with specific flora and fauna. Visiting the Teufelsmauer is simple. They are connected with well marked long-distance hiking trails, and in the nearby populated places you are warned about specific groups by explanatory tables and plates. In some cases you can combine the hiking visit even with a biking tour - to cover some more distance quickly.

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